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excellent (adjective)

excellent, surpassing, exceptional.

enthusiastic (adjective)

mad about something, fervent, wholehearted, hooked, born-again, motivated.

Other synonyms:

long-lived, hefty, living legend, inclusive, splendid, genteel, boom, outsize, long-term, choice, unappealing, masterful, celebrity, notorious, gilt-edged, lovely, salient, nuts, leading light, blue-blooded, fabulous, primary, retired, preeminent, eager, greathearted, banner, unattractive, unpleasant, radical, beautiful, precisely, sleb, authority figure, keen, sweeping, adept, super, slick, blue-ribbon, prestigious, antsy, hype, date back to, major, bully, primo, heavy, knowledge, oversize, capable, public figure, renowned, wonderful, dreamy, topflight, redoubtable, crack, legendary, healthy, spectacular, superb, desirous, extended, glorious, numero uno, wellborn, wizard, historically, enceinte, yes, gifted, five-star, notable, far, geeked, principal, pleasant, brave, hopped-up, hepped up, virtuoso, full-fledged, a force to be reckoned with, VIP, fantastically, classic, big, importantly, substantial, bonny, boxcar, parturient, at the end of the day, exalted, sublime, gallant, conspicuous, tidy, hot, the one and only, mean, well, consummate, highborn, heavenly, glorious, Court, unrivaled, illustrious, to the best of your ability, stellar, voracious, enthusiastic, flexible, main, crazy, chivalrous, wild, overmastering, neat, commanding, famed, cardinal, topping, superlatively, of import, prizewinning, predominant, leading, out-of-sight, king-size, impatient, distinguished, those were the days, excellent, smashing, House, husky, large-scale, capital, classy, A-OK, with child, cracking, respect, down, fantastical, hit, central, constitutionally, migratory, superior, first-rate, obscure, paramount, superstar, high, par excellence, big, gangbusters, flightless, bumper, highest, fledged, boss, upper-class, magnanimous, primal, icon, basically, pregnant, dominant, excited, the fact (of the matter) is, divine, four-star, magnet, eminent, considerable, winner, puissant, prime mover, gung ho, enthused, disagreeable, upper-crust, fascination, basic, masterly, ace, owing, the annals of something, uppercase, top-notch, hulking, compleat, clingy, greedy, good, harsh, famous, agreed, born, crackerjack, pleasurable, dandy, fabled, terrific, top-of-the-line, groovy, the glitterati, able, absolutely, fantabulous, hungry, skilled, expectant, prior, A1, first-class, prize, stoked, pumped, zealous, dope, top, master, famous, athirst, A-one, outstanding, mainly, raring, large, gravid, well-known, babyish, essentially, supreme, restful, in retrospect, bad, jim-dandy, reproduction, prominent, ardent, not just any..., largish, attractive, handsome, awful, overriding, silk-stocking, gentle, hard, unsurpassed, arch, renowned, peachy, like a dream, master, mogul, tip-top, number one, skillful, first-string, exactly, personality, elevated, experienced, adaptive, lengthy, noted, gone, fabulous, noted, top-flight, solicitous, nice, favourite, blue-chip, hall, undischarged, striking, fabulously, peachy keen, champion, marvelous, OK, prime, top-shelf, brag, biggish, expecting, right, cool, star, frontline, tiptop, lesser, pleasing, supernal, greatest, historical, in essence, accomplished, elementary, quality, mover and shaker, first, abundant, illustrious, magnate, topnotch, professed, badass, fab, fashion statement, figure, crested, tophole, superlative, webbed, the, complete, cheerful, number one, avid, flawed, numero uno, not bad, swell, rewrite history, hot spot, juiced, of course, boffo, goodly, versed, commodious, phat, anxious, important, chief, high-class, fantastic, extraordinary, highbred, long-drawn-out, objectionable, retrospective, preeminent, expert, thirsty, slap-up, to perfection, common, large, natural, coarse, enjoyable, honorable, nifty, ripping, fine, sterling, corking, gregarious, widely, crackerjack, dynamite, veteran, famed, early, educated, righteous, overbearing, transliterate, addictive, key, practiced, eminence, bleak, fashion, bang-up, peerless, agog, sensational, popularity, high-minded, majuscule, premier, relaxing, ably, infamous.

Examples of usage:

The Great Pyramid of Giza (called the Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis.

" Then you are in a great way indeed. - "The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons", Jacques Casanova de Seingalt.

He knew that he was a great man. - "The Last Shot", Frederick Palmer.

Similar words:

the great commoner, the great depression, the great elector, Pompey The Great, to a great extent, salad green, to a greater extent, smooth green snake, rough green snake, the green-eyed monster.

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