Synonyms for Draining:


all (adjective)
tiring (adjective)
Depleting, exhausting, debilitating, Sapping, Fatiguing.


tired. draining (noun)
exhausting, debilitating.


decreasing (verb)
Abridging, shrinking, receding, lowering, Deducting, dying down, Concentrating, contracting, subsiding, Abbreviating, dwindling, Depleting, lessening, shortening, diminishing, eroding, compressing, decreasing, Truncating, Compacting, abating, decrementing, deflating.
diminishing (verb)
paring, lightening, condensing, reducing, trimming, tapering, shaving, pruning, downgrading, minimizing, nipping, Bobbing, Weeding.
drying (verb)
Catheterizing, withering, Stanching, dehydrating, Wiping, swabbing, emptying, Drying, Desiccating, dehumidifying, Blotting, wringing out, Vaporizing, Parching, pumping out, Evaporating, mopping, sucking dry.
enervating (verb)
Dissipating, debilitating, enervating, Sapping, Fatiguing, tapping.
exiting (verb)
spouting, issuing, departing, running off, exiting.
rejecting (verb)
Excising, exhausting, erupting, Abandoning, Checking, seeping, Culling, Ejecting, shedding, Evacuating, belching, Discarding, Ejaculating, Cropping, barring, Disgorging, junking, Disclaiming, exuding, Excluding, Lopping, Jilting, Disallowing, Trashing, Rejecting, vomiting, shearing, Sniping, Discharging, Eliminating, Secreting, Oppugning, disapproving, blacklisting, jettisoning, deep-sixing, Blackballing, excreting, cutting, venting, Chopping, Spewing, Curtailing, Denying, clipping, emitting.

Other synonyms:

exhausting, Fatiguing.

Usage examples for draining

  1. But thanks to a discerning public, they just begin to see the absurdity and wickedness of draining the system of the living principles. – The American Reformed Cattle Doctor by George Dadd