Synonyms for Dying:


failing, expiring (adjective)
done for, doomed, fading, fated, going, moribund, passing, sinking, vanishing, Decaying, Perishing, at death's door.
regressive (adjective)


bereavement, booked, death rate, death toll, done for, fading, failing, fatality, fated, going, immortal, living, morbidity, moribund, mortality, sick, sinking, terminal, death throes. burn down, burn out, decadent, die, doomed, enduring, eternal, growing, neglected, out, overripe, recessive, superannuated, unlit, vanishing, Decaying, go out. disadvantageous, faltering, hopeless, precarious, shaky, uncompetitive, unpromising, unworkable, on the rocks, not have a hope in hell. fatally, goner, on your last legs, at death's door, not long for this world, on your deathbed, someone's number is up, someone's/something's days are numbered. death (noun)
destruction (noun)
dying (noun)
death, demise.


coloring (verb)
coloring, painting, shading, staining, tinting, Inking.
defeated (verb)
done for.
dying (verb)
departing, falling, parting, passing, Perishing, Succumbing.
ending (verb)
closing, completing, concluding, ending, expiring, finishing, halting, stopping, Accomplishing, Capping, Ceasing, Checkmating, Deceasing, Terminating, winding up, Culminating, exiting, finalizing, passing away, passing on, wrapping up.

Other synonyms:

bereavement, death rate, death toll, fading, failing, goner, morbidity, unlit. burn down, fatality, fatally, death throes. die. burn out. go out. out. discouraging
Other relevant words:
bereavement, booked, death, decadent, demise, die, disadvantageous, done for, doomed, enduring, eternal, fading, failing, faltering, fatality, fatally, fated, going, goner, growing, hopeless, immortal, living, morbidity, moribund, mortality, neglected, out, overripe, precarious, recessive, shaky, sick, sinking, superannuated, terminal, uncompetitive, unlit, unpromising, unworkable, vanishing, Decaying, at death's door.

Usage examples for dying

  1. I know he is just dying to come here and talk about her. – Those Dale Girls by Frank Weston Carruth
  2. She likes to think that everybody's dead or dying but herself. – Lady Rose's Daughter by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. He knew that she was dying – The Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs