Synonyms for Oppressive:


depressing (adjective)
difficult (adjective)
cantankerous, tight, thorny, tough, onerous, rough, bothersome, wearying, ticklish, fussy, laborious, rugged, adverse, formidable, tricky, complicated, strenuous, burdensome, knotty, uphill, wearisome, stressful, difficult, demanding, wearing, finicky, contrary, arduous, grinding, toilsome, harsh, troublesome, cumbersome, trying, hard, severe, complex.
effortful (adjective)
heavy (adjective)
heavy, leaden, ponderous, weighty, gravitational, pressing, dense, massive.
hot and humid (adjective)
close, stifling.
overwhelming, repressive (adjective)
dictatorial, weighty, exigent, despotic, unjust, burdensome, bleak, severe, taxing, cruel, tough, heavy-handed, backbreaking, tyrannical, troublesome, confining, onerous, overbearing, exacting, depressing, demanding, dismal, harsh, grievous, heavy, grinding.
painful (adjective)
grueling, grievous, burdensome, disagreeable, agonizing, miserable, irritating, bothersome, painful, aggravating, woeful, arduous, inflaming, excruciating, tormenting, cruel, stinging, Gnawing, Irksome, acute, distressful, withering, troublesome, hurtful, anguishing, unpleasant, offensive, wrenching, cutting, insufferable, sore, trying, throbbing, crushing, bitter, smarting, stabbing, Besetting, chafing, aching, Cramping, piercing, unbearable, biting, annoying, severe, horrendous, odious, harrowing, uncomfortable, Torturing..
sultry (adjective)
red hot.
tyrannical (adjective)
discretionary, tyrannous, deterministic, autocratic, draconian, domineering, Ogreish, dictatorial, peremptory, overbearing, arrogant, totalitarian, heavy-handed, despotic, tyrannical.


distressing, disturbing, serious, worrying, anxious, tense, alarming, grave. effortful, backbreaking, taxing, exigent. oppressive (noun)
heavy, domineering, tyrannous, tyrannical.
unfair (noun)
partial, unfair, one-sided, unreasonable, unjust, wrongful, unjustified, arbitrary, biased, unequal.

Other synonyms:

backbreaking, effortful. taxing. demanding
Other relevant words:
distressing, boiling, disturbing, depressing, backbreaking, serious, scorching, dismal, exigent, warm, tropical, arbitrary, stifling, effortful, unjust, taxing, grave, hot, close, worrying, confining.

Usage examples for oppressive

  1. It has been close and oppressive which has added to the distress of the horses and camels. – McKinlay's Journal of Exploration in the Interior of Australia by John McKinlay
  2. It was a thought that he found oppressive and rather terrible. – Tom Tufton's Travels by Evelyn Everett-Green
  3. The thought would not be quite so oppressive if we could know what we have done and shall be continuing to do by what we have said. – Kept for the Master's Use by Frances Ridley Havergal