Synonyms for Imitative:


arty (adjective)
pseudo, false.
echoic (adjective)
onomatopoeical, onomatopoetic, onomatopoeic.
imitative (adjective)
mirror, duplicate, onomatopoeic, deceptive, mock, copied, forged, Replicated, Mimicked, echoic, Impersonated, Aped, Parodied, reproduced, Echoed, Emulative, mimetic, parallel, assumed, parroted, mimic, counterfeit.
mock (adjective)
pretended, spurious, simulated, apish, phony.
onomatopoeic (adjective)
reproductive (adjective)
reproductive, procreative, replicative, Duplicative.
similar (adjective)
like, such, Resembling, alike, similar, analogous, ersatz, comparable, semblance, close, akin, uniform, twin.


near, not unlike, sort of, homogeneous, indistinguishable. slavish, Emulative, same. copying (noun)
counterfeit (noun)
imitative (noun)
mimetic, onomatopoeic, ostensive, simulated, pseudo, inauthentic, fictive, false, bad, counterfeit, apelike, ostensible, mock, base, forged, phoney, onomatopoetic, onomatopoeical, pinchbeck, synthetic, parrotlike, mimic, put on, fake, phony, fictitious, spurious, unauthentic, bogus, pretended, assumed, echoic, apish, sham.

Other synonyms:

Emulative. slavish. simulated
Other relevant words:
mimic, onomatopoetic, phoney, spurious, simulated, mimetic, forged, fictitious, base, echoic, apelike, parrotlike, onomatopoeical, bogus, inauthentic, pinchbeck, ostensive, ostensible, pseudo, unauthentic, phony, onomatopoeic, put on, false, pretended, fictive, synthetic, Emulative, deceptive, sham, bad, fake, apish, slavish.

Usage examples for imitative

  1. Choose a day on which to represent the most sublime and affecting tragedy we have; appoint the most favorite actors; spare no cost upon the scenes and decorations; unite the greatest efforts of poetry, painting, and music; and when you have collected your audience, just at the moment when their minds are erect with expectation, let it be reported that a state criminal of high rank is on the point of being executed in the adjoining square; in a moment the emptiness of the theatre would demonstrate the comparative weakness of the imitative arts, and proclaim the triumph of the real sympathy. – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. I. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  2. You know my imitative power is better than my imagination, and I thought that by often witnessing the expression of feeling and passion, I might learn to portray it without the disagreeable necessity of passing through any such experiences myself. – Barriers Burned Away by E. P. Roe
  3. Then an English Oration on the Imitative Arts, by Mr. J. Wheelock. – A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall