Synonyms for Troublesome:


adverse (adjective)
inauspicious, difficult, grievous, disastrous, unfavorable, perilous, woeful, unfriendly, hard, untoward, antipathetic, unfortunate, unpropitious, detrimental, opposing, burdensome, unlucky, calamitous, adverse, catastrophic, distressful, tragic, miserable.
aggravating (adjective)
teasing, exasperating, Rankling, inflaming, grating, disturbing, upsetting, perturbing, pestering, antagonizing, annoying, Bedeviling, infuriating, irritating, Enraging, bothersome, tormenting, Irksome, Harassing, aggravating, exacerbating, vexing.
bad (adjective)
bothersome, worrisome (adjective)
laborious, annoying, hard, wicked, tricky, inconvenient, vexing, wearisome, alarming, arduous, trying, upsetting, rough, troublous, irritating, repressive, Irksome, painful, Harassing, vexatious, mean, demanding, burdensome, uphill, pesky, dangerous, difficult, oppressive, problematic, tough, disquieting.
difficult (adjective)
onerous, burdensome, toilsome, strenuous, cantankerous, stressful, formidable, ticklish, difficult, fussy, wearing, tough, rough, hard, bothersome, trying, grinding, finicky, galling, oppressive, adverse, knotty, complicated, uphill, contrary, cumbersome, rugged, wearying, severe, demanding, tricky, wearisome, harsh, laborious, complex, thorny, tight, arduous.
importunate (adjective)
irritating (adjective)
painful (adjective)
horrendous, grueling, aching, stabbing, Cramping, smarting, cruel, Torturing., insufferable, stinging, bitter, bothersome, uncomfortable, odious, miserable, irritating, unbearable, harrowing, anguishing, oppressive, inflaming, grievous, Irksome, trying, unpleasant, aggravating, arduous, hurtful, excruciating, chafing, cutting, throbbing, agonizing, offensive, tormenting, piercing, Besetting, wrenching, withering, burdensome, biting, acute, severe, woeful, disagreeable, sore, painful, crushing, distressful, annoying, Gnawing.
vexatious (adjective)


disquieting, embarrassing, contentious, problematic, invidious, alarming, bad, fraught. inconvenient, distressing, dangerous, vexatious, repressive. incommodious, comfort. unsettling, disruptive, troublous, happy, worrisome, pain, intrusive. galling, nettlesome, provoking, plaguy. troublesome (noun)
hard, difficult.

Other synonyms:

fraught, contentious, disruptive, troublous, nettlesome, unsettling, worrisome, problematic, invidious, distressing. vexatious, disquieting, plaguy, galling, provoking, pesky, intrusive. inconvenient. wicked. bad. awkward
Other relevant words:
inconvenient, alarming, pain, embarrassing, nettlesome, problematic, galling, worrisome, vexatious, disruptive, intrusive, plaguy, pesky, invidious, mean, dangerous, distressing, disquieting, repressive, fraught, troublous, provoking, incommodious, wicked, unsettling, contentious.

Usage examples for troublesome

  1. A troublesome journey of at least ten hours appeared to us to be what most probably awaited us. – The Former Philippines thru Foreign Eyes by Tomás de Comyn Fedor Jagor Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow Charles Wilkes
  2. " I am afraid you will think me troublesome – The Allen House or Twenty Years Ago and Now by T. S. Arthur
  3. All was right, nothing troublesome had happened; trade better than usual at this time of year. – Will Warburton by George Gissing