Synonyms for Disturbing:


aggravating (adjective)
teasing, perturbing, Enraging, Bedeviling, infuriating, Irksome, bothersome, exacerbating, upsetting, exasperating, grating, inflaming, tormenting, troublesome, Harassing, antagonizing, irritating, aggravating, Rankling, annoying, vexing, pestering.
aggressive (adjective)
disquieting (adjective)
gloomy, creepy, annoying, prophetic, agitating, consequential, toilsome, inconvenient, discouraging, aggravating, Discommoding, pessimistic, trying, hard, startling, wearisome, laborious, alarming, disagreeable, foreboding, burdensome, painful, perturbing, Irksome, unsettling, frightening, unpleasant, troubling, troublesome, embarrassing, Harassing, irritating, difficult, severe, uncertain, vexing, disconcerting, Discomposing, threatening, worrisome, worrying, perplexing, sinister, dismaying, distressing, ominous, onerous, upsetting, provoking, depressing, impeding, Discomforting, tiresome, bothersome.
heavy (adjective)
importunate (adjective)
nerve-racking (adjective)
vexatious (adjective)


stressful, grave, serious. disquieting (noun)
laborious, painful, depressing, causing worry, consequential, onerous, Discomforting, inconvenient, impeding, not propitious, not encouraging, gloomy, embarrassing, unpleasant, sinister, uncertain, hard, wearisome, toilsome, inauspicious, foreboding, startling, severe, disconcerting, Discommoding, unsettling, dismaying, Nettling, discouraging, pessimistic, tiresome, difficult, burdensome, trying, disagreeable, unpropitious, galling, perplexing, ominous, creepy, prophetic, causing anxiety, vexatious.
disturbing (noun)
distressful, worrying, perturbing, heavy, worrisome, troubling, distressing.


aggravating (verb)
nagging, Envenoming, Bothering, irking, peeving, needling, badgering, Harrying, baiting, troubling, Arousing, hassling, Discomposing.
chafing (verb)
grating, scraping, aggravating, Abrading, wearing, Resisting, grinding, chafing, rasping, scrubbing, irritating, Harassing, rubbing, Fretting.
deranging (verb)
Rumpling, Hashing, Jumbling, Disordering, meddling, churning, Muddling, roiling, confounding, whipping, Roughening, Misplacing, confusing, tossing, tampering, agitating, Deranging, Dislocating, Displacing, tousling, Messing, fermenting, Ruffling, scattering, capsizing, Mislaying, Disorganizing, Convulsing, Whisking, Scrambling, mixing up, Rummaging, Disheveling, Disarranging, rippling, Mussing, Blurring, Cluttering, tumbling, Botching, swirling.
displeasing (verb)
displeasing, repelling, offending, provoking, disappointing, Riling, Angering, disgusting, shocking, Scandalizing, jarring, Aggrieving.
exciting (verb)
exhilarating, energizing, disquieting, animating, stimulating, electrifying, firing, exciting.
frightening (verb)
harrowing, rattling, alarming, unnerving, threatening, setting on edge, haunting, frightening, intimidating, terrifying, horrifying, panicking, petrifying, Scaring.

Other synonyms:

disruptive, stressful, unsettling, ominous, troublous. foreboding, disagreeable, painful, intrusive. severe. grave. annoying
galling, vexatious.
embarrassing, inconvenient.

Usage examples for disturbing

  1. In the library, Mr. Edwards, dropping into slumber, was dimly conscious of a last disturbing thought. – Left End Edwards by Ralph Henry Barbour
  2. Truly when I think of us, as we were then, and when I remember how we came like a wild disturbing wind into that solemn house, I am inclined to pity Mrs. Handsomebody. – Explorers of the Dawn by Mazo de la Roche
  3. For one thing, the room had a disturbing effect on him. – For the Allinson Honor by Harold Bindloss