Synonyms for Entanglement:


crisis, ordeal, stress, nightmare, battle, tragedy, worst-case scenario, trouble. entry, intervention, part, exclusion, embranglement, embroilment, interference, intrusion, engagement, participate, free, stake, ensnarement, participation. knot, maze, mesh, labyrinth, jungle, morass, skein, simple. artifact (noun)
complexity (noun)
confusion, snare, affair, difficulty.
complication, predicament (noun)
difficulty, embroilment, enmeshment, ensnarement, confusion, snare, mesh, web, affair, knot, tangle, involvement, entrapment.
difficulty (noun)
entanglement (noun)
hindrance (noun)
catch, stop, stoppage, blockage, encumbrance, block, choke, bung, bafflement, brake, deterrent, jam, complication, impediment, resistance, interruption, hindrance, snarl, barrier, obstruction, stay, dam, crimp, tangle, frustration, burden, entrapment, mire, damper, blockade, drawback, drag, hurdle, congestion, inhibition, obstacle, handicap, clog, constipation, impedance, opposition, impasse, bottleneck, constraint, restriction, delay, disadvantage, snag, plug, restraint.
inclusion (noun)
encompassment, integration, marriage, envelopment, wedding, composition, incorporation, involvement, embodiment, membership, inclusion, relation, enmeshment, partnership.

Other synonyms:

difficulty, embranglement, embroilment, ensnarement, skein. affair, knot, confusion, labyrinth, jungle. morass, mesh. straits
Other relevant words:
difficulty, interference, free, skein, intrusion, nightmare, participation, stake, engagement, ensnarement, web, jungle, stress, exclusion, maze, participate, entry, simple, part, battle, crisis, mesh, tragedy, ordeal, embroilment, morass, confusion, affair, intervention, snare, labyrinth, embranglement, knot, trouble.

Usage examples for entanglement

  1. We are experiencing to- day a remarkable entanglement – An Interpretation of Rudolf Eucken's Philosophy by W. Tudor Jones
  2. Back of it stretched a line of snipers' trenches, and behind them another barbed wire entanglement – Shelled by an Unseen Foe by James Fiske
  3. I know of no secret in her life, no entanglement not even of any prior engagements. – The Chief Legatee by Anna Katharine Green