Synonyms for Encouraging:


bright (adjective)
promising, supportive, hopeful, reassuring.
heartwarming (adjective)
heartwarming, Gladdening.
hopeful (adjective)
promising (adjective)
favorable, auspicious, full of promise, hopeful, rosy, roseate, golden, promising, rose-colored, utopian.
supporting (adjective)


good, uplifting, heartwarming, life-affirming, exhilarating, joyous, cheerful, joyful. help, likely. encouraging (noun)
heartening, supportive, inspiriting, hortatory, auspicious, favourable, supporting, promotive, rallying, prosperous, propitious, hortative, favorable, lucky, exhortative, exhortatory.


advising (verb)
prompting, Conferring, admonishing, Consulting, warning, directing, Recommending, cueing, Suggesting, Instructing, Notifying, tipping off, counseling, informing, guiding, Cautioning, Advocating, Advising, briefing.
aiding (verb)
serving, Mothering, fostering, helping, attending, Assisting, Facilitating, funding, Abetting, Relieving, ministering, supporting, Endowing, motivating, Sustaining, Aiding, benefiting, tending.
cheering (verb)
Gladdening, lightening, Brightening, consoling, cheering, pleasing, inspiring, enlivening, heartening.
facilitating (verb)
Expediting, advancing, Promoting, Simplifying, easing.
motivating (verb)
moving, enticing, Magnetizing, goading, hastening, Shoving, hurtling, pushing, propelling, provoking, Instigating, stimulating, prodding, thrusting, jolting, Nudging, striking, heaving, Lobbing, Bumping, poking, slinging, knocking, Forcing, shooting, Throwing, jerking, fermenting, jogging, jostling, urging, triggering, Punching, pitching, hurling, launching, firing, catapulting, Fomenting, Flinging, driving, impelling, energizing, inducing, Ramming.

Other synonyms:

likely. Other relevant words:
hortative, promotive, cheerful, reassuring, exhortatory, supportive, lucky, heartwarming, propitious, favourable, good, prosperous, exhilarating, likely, exhortative, joyous, joyful, inspiriting, hortatory, uplifting, rallying.

Usage examples for encouraging

  1. The Minister glanced toward the window, and then gave a good- natured and encouraging laugh, quite unexpectedly, just as if he had been told to do so by the silent man looking down into the street, who may, indeed, have had time to make a gesture. – The Last Hope by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. The few things he did know, however, were very encouraging to Jack. – Marcy The Blockade Runner by Harry Castlemon
  3. Such a smile, so warm and kind, as if he were reassuring and encouraging me to go on! – The Other Side of the Door by Lucia Chamberlain