Synonyms for Dramatic:


dramatic (adjective)
melodramatic, improvisational, artistic, tragic, burlesque, comical, pantomimed, panoramic, Theatric, mimed.
exciting, moving (adjective)
melodramatic, tragic, climactic, striking, histrionic, impressive, thrilling, sensational, theatrical, thespian.
ostentatious (adjective)
grandiose, pompous, shameless, formal, flashy, vain, flourishing, jaunty, opulent, grandiloquent, sensational, garish, gaudy, forced, snazzy, exhibitionistic, histrionic, fussy, ostentatious, showy, boastful, flagrant, stilted, dashing, flamboyant, blatant, affected, ornate, rakish, Flaunting, splashy.


eventful, fast, alive, exhilarating, thrilling, enthralling, compelling, exotic. in, method acting, acting, thespian, dark, opposite, Histrionical, go up, on, dramaturgical, dramaturgic, performing arts, rep, theatrical. phenomenal, surprise, amazing, unexpected, astonishing, staggering, excite, style, extraordinary, earth-shattering, surprising. grand, bombastic, flash, BLING, trophy, grandly. dramatic (noun)
impressive, hammy, melodramatic, spectacular, striking.
tense (noun)
climactic, moving, exciting.

Other synonyms:

Histrionical, exciting, thrilling, dramaturgic, opposite, dramaturgical, climactic, bombastic, theatrical, method acting, exhilarating, eventful, grandly. acting, trophy, thespian, dark. rep, BLING. fast, grand, go up. in, on. flash. Other relevant words:
thespian, extraordinary, exhilarating, dramaturgic, spectacular, BLING, bombastic, theatrical, dramaturgical, moving, acting, flash, on, Histrionical, trophy, thrilling, exciting, striking, climactic, in, hammy, fast, staggering, grandly, impressive, grand.

Usage examples for dramatic

  1. I knew then, he declared, that that child had great emotional and dramatic possibilities in her. – Memoirs of an American Prima Donna by Clara Louise Kellogg
  2. Mr. Frothingham's love of dramatic art amounted to a passion, but the art must be high as well as pure. – Recollections and Impressions 1822-1890 by Octavius Brooks Frothingham