Synonyms for Opposing:


adverse (adjective)
catastrophic, woeful, burdensome, detrimental, unpropitious, unfavorable, troublesome, unfortunate, calamitous, difficult, hard, untoward, inauspicious, distressful, unfriendly, perilous, unlucky, adverse, antipathetic, tragic, grievous, disastrous, miserable.
at variance (adjective)
anti, adverse, conflicting, rival, opposite, antagonistic, contending.
conflicting (adjective)
counteractive (adjective)
defiant, challenging, Neutralizing, counteractive, contradictory.
defensive (adjective)
safeguarding, guarding, Interrupting.
negative (adjective)
negative, dissenting, contrary.
opposite (adjective)
antonymous, antonymic, antipodean.
resistant (adjective)


meeting, (dead) set against something, helping, rebellious, resistant, Against. aspiring, inimical, otherwise, defensive, favorable, paradoxical, rival, resistive, friendly, antithetical, antagonistic, vice versa, to the contrary, conversely, sinister, antonymous. opposite. adversarial, oppositional, support. diametric, diametrical, antipodean, antonymic, polar, counter, reverse, converse, antipodal. opposing (noun)
hostile, opponent, opposed, counteractive, anti.


contending (verb)
conflicting, protesting, Disputing, confronting, Encountering, brawling, wrestling, wrangling, Quarreling, hassling, clashing, contending, antagonizing, bickering, standing, facing, Vying, struggling, contrasting, dissenting, Withstanding.
counteracting (verb)
tampering, Neutralizing, offsetting.
defending (verb)
protecting, Sheltering, Resisting, Policing, Replying, supporting, shielding, averting, guarding, Barricading, Responding, upholding, arguing, saving, Rebutting, barring, countering, answering, Fending, Sustaining, safeguarding, counterattacking, Securing, defending, Warding, screening, buffering, Retorting, covering, returning, backfiring.
disagreeing (verb)
differing, Rejecting, Demurring, complaining, colliding, Objecting, Repudiating, challenging, disagreeing, Defying.
disproving (verb)
Disproving, Confuting, Parrying, Denying, Subverting, Refuting, Contravening, Belying, negating, Overturning.
hindering (verb)
choking, Delaying, restricting, dragging, Clogging, frustrating, fettering, jamming, Snagging, Interrupting, Entangling, Damming, crippling, constipating, Detaining, stopping, Cramping, Miring, Encumbering, Fouling, thwarting, Entrapping, Hamstringing, baffling, Burdening, Impairing, Paralyzing, Tangling, Restraining, catching, Complicating, congesting, curbing, Hampering, Handicapping, Staying, Deterring, Bunging, bottlenecking, Crimping, Plugging, constraining, Snarling, braking, blocking.
opposing (verb)
impeding, interfering, Obstructing, repelling, Contradicting, meddling, repressing, Rebuffing, fighting, Intercepting, Oppressing, Suppressing, crossing, Checking, Repulsing, inhibiting, Counteracting, hindering.
resisting (verb)
standing fast, standing firm, Snubbing.

Other synonyms:

opposite, rebellious, antipodean, antonymic, adversarial, diametric, oppositional, antonymous, antipodal. antithetical, diametrical, antagonistic. polar. counter. Against. reverse. antagonistic
inimical, resistant.
Other relevant words:
contrary, favorable, antagonistic, antithetical, counter, anti, inimical, rival, helping, diametrical, opposed, antonymic, aspiring, meeting, rebellious, support, polar, hostile, resistant, Against, oppositional, paradoxical, adversarial, converse, diametric, defensive, opponent, opposite, antipodal, otherwise, conversely, reverse, resistive, antipodean, sinister, antonymous.

Usage examples for opposing

  1. Held solid by its base in the bolted concrete there had not been a half- inch's play and, since something must give, and the opposing wheel had stood, the enormous casting had smashed. – Shadow Mountain by Dane Coolidge
  2. He had not loved either of the other two, so there had been no opposing emotion to his mania. – The Crooked House by Brandon Fleming
  3. For twenty years, and longer, they were eminent men in opposing parties, yet their mutual respect and admiration continued to the last. – Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America by Edmund Burke