Synonyms for Denying:


negative (adjective)


annulling (verb)
withdrawing, Abolishing, dissolving, Destroying, disaffirming, invalidating, Revoking, Refuting, Dismissing, Divorcing, Effacing, Canceling, undoing, Vetoing, negating, extinguishing, Repudiating, Eradicating, Nullifying, Deleting, Neutralizing, Annulling, obliterating.
confuting (verb)
Rejoining, Repealing, Disputing, challenging, conflicting, Rebutting, Disproving, Contradicting, Abrogating, Confuting.
denying (verb)
disproving (verb)
Belying, Parrying, Contravening, Subverting, Overturning, opposing.
excluding (verb)
Excommunicating, Expatriating, Disbarring, Prohibiting, Evicting, Removing, forbidding, Boycotting, expelling, Extraditing, Banishing, disqualifying, Deporting, Ignoring, Amputating, relegating, Exiling, ousting, Ostracizing, Proscribing, banning.
negating (verb)
counterbalancing, Reversing, Inverting.
prohibiting (verb)
constraining, Preventing, Precluding, controlling, blocking, Suppressing, Restraining, Refusing, restricting, inhibiting, Oppressing, curbing, Outlawing.
refusing (verb)
disagreeing, Disinclining, Repulsing, declining, Disdaining.
rejecting (verb)
shearing, erupting, Rejecting, Disclaiming, Excising, disapproving, Blackballing, excreting, jettisoning, blacklisting, venting, deep-sixing, Chopping, belching, Excluding, Disallowing, Checking, Discarding, Abandoning, junking, shedding, Eliminating, Secreting, Jilting, clipping, Curtailing, Culling, exuding, Spewing, exhausting, Disgorging, Discharging, Cropping, barring, emitting, Lopping, Ejaculating, Ejecting, Oppugning, Sniping, cutting, Trashing, draining, vomiting, seeping, Evacuating.
renouncing (verb)
Disavowing, Renouncing, Abnegating, backsliding, betraying, Deserting, Abdicating, defecting, crossing, Retracting.
responding (verb)
defending, Retorting, Responding, echoing, answering, reacting, Objecting, Justifying, returning, expounding, Acknowledging, Replying, Explaining.

Usage examples for Denying

  1. There could be no denying that it was grim and ugly under these conditions. – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  2. There was no denying but that something had happened to give him more courage, and it flashed through my mind: Has he got the money? – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
  3. He owed Reid too much to cross him with Joan; he stepped aside, denying himself a thought of her save only in relation of teacher and pupil, trying to convince himself that it was better in the end for Joan. – The Flockmaster of Poison Creek by George W. Ogden