Synonyms for Disputing:


opposing (adjective)
oppositional (adjective)
challenging, protesting, hindering, impeding, counterattacking, Objecting, interfering, conflicting, repelling, oppositional, contradictory, Suppressing, defiant, repressing, inhibiting, Repulsing, antagonizing, Resisting, obstructive, confrontational, crossing, Rebuffing, Counteracting.


confuting (verb)
Confuting, disaffirming, Disavowing, Abnegating, invalidating, Denying, Refuting, Repealing, Disproving, Rebutting, negating, Abrogating, conflicting, Rejoining, Repudiating, challenging, Contradicting.
contending (verb)
contending, standing, dissenting, facing, hassling, wrestling, protesting, contrasting, struggling, clashing, arguing, Withstanding, bickering, wrangling, opposing, Quarreling, confronting, Resisting, brawling, antagonizing, defending, Encountering, Vying.
disagreeing (verb)
complaining, Demurring, disagreeing, Rejecting, differing, Defying, colliding, Objecting.
negating (verb)
Nullifying, Effacing, Reversing, counterbalancing, Disclaiming, Overturning, Inverting, Canceling, Renouncing.
opposing (verb)
Repulsing, countering, Obstructing, impeding, repelling, Suppressing, meddling, Oppressing, repressing, Checking, counterattacking, hindering, Intercepting, Rebuffing, Counteracting, interfering, fighting, inhibiting, crossing.
questioning (verb)
Debating, inquiring, probing, questioning, Delving, seeking, Contemplating, investigating, Exploring, surveying, Querying, Examining, Quizzing, catechizing, canvassing, Polling, asking, Interrogating, Cross-examining, Interpolating.

Other synonyms:

obstructive, Quarreling.

Usage examples for Disputing

  1. More than half white, with long black hair and deep blue eyes, no one felt like disputing with her when she urged her claim to her relationship with the Anglo- Saxon. – Clotelle The Colored Heroine by William Wells Brown
  2. The latter retreated slowly, disputing the ground and wheeling so as to bring themselves under cover of their comrades' fire. – The Chouans by Honore de Balzac
  3. Though there's no disputing the fact that they would have many less comforts if you hadn't signed the pledge? – The Lights and Shadows of Real Life by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English