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antipodal - 17 results
Examples of usage:

And though our political creed be diametrically antipodal to his own, we shall ever hail him as a credit to the land we love so well. - "George Brown", John Lewis.

The store- keeper fished out a bottle of Boer brandy- of antipodal quality, of course, to that which he retailed in the native trade- and then they went outside and rejoined Hazel. - "Harley Greenoak's Charge", Bertram Mitford.

Concerning the general view of human life, its import and outcome, the two faiths are antipodal. - "India’s Problem Krishna or Christ", John P. Jones.

Similar words:

antiviral, antiviral agent, Forssman Antibody, Heterophil Antibody, Heterophile Antibody, Nymphalis Antiopa, antitoxic, antitypical, Genus Antigonia, Genus Antidorcas.

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