Synonyms for Cramping:


hindering (adjective)
frustrating, Crimping, choking, Entangling, inhibiting, Handicapping, Obstructing, thwarting, hindering, impeding, Snagging, congesting, bottleneck, constraining, Clogging, Snarling, Restraining, Delaying, crippling, Damming, constipating, Resisting, burdensome, Deterring, Tangling, Fouling, Detaining, baffling, blocking, Encumbering, Complicating, restricting, Entrapping.
painful (adjective)
burdensome, grueling, odious, crushing, inflaming, chafing, bothersome, woeful, excruciating, Gnawing, cutting, aggravating, throbbing, grievous, Besetting, unpleasant, anguishing, annoying, severe, irritating, withering, cruel, oppressive, painful, aching, stabbing, offensive, Torturing., insufferable, sore, troublesome, wrenching, arduous, distressful, tormenting, horrendous, trying, harrowing, unbearable, uncomfortable, bitter, Irksome, stinging, piercing, agonizing, miserable, biting, disagreeable, hurtful, acute, smarting.


disabling (verb)
screwing up, Hobbling, incapacitating, crippling, Dulling, stupefying, stunning, Hamstringing, Abrogating, tampering, Sapping, Laming, deadening, Benumbing, anesthetizing, Vitiating, disarming, Paralyzing, Prostrating, Botching, enfeebling, Scotching, invalidating, undermining, Hampering, disabling, weakening, Handicapping, Impairing, hindering, Neutralizing.
hindering (verb)
jamming, Miring, barring, Interrupting, Plugging, Burdening, fettering, catching, Staying, Bunging, Checking, opposing, countering, stopping, bottlenecking, dragging, curbing, braking.
paining (verb)
hurting, stitching, Paining, suffering, distressing, Afflicting, racking, Discomforting.

Usage examples for Cramping

  1. Since they could not, now that work was done and jollity the game, take off their legs, they got away from them as far as they might, in fashions original or imitative: some by thrusting them out at full length; some by cramping them under their chairs: while some, taking refuge in a mental effort, forgot them, a process to be recommended if it did not involve occasional pangs of consciousness to the legs of their neighbours. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. She was wearing a wonderful pre- war dress of black velvet, close- fitting yet nowhere cramping her naturally delightful figure. – The Devil's Paw by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. It isn't good to live shut off: it's cramping – The Stronger Influence by F.E. Mills Young