Synonyms for Fractious:


all (adjective)
cross (adjective)
irascible, cranky, tetchy.
crotchety (adjective)
cross, bad-tempered, obstreperous, difficult.
difficult (adjective)
disobedient (adjective)
disorderly (adjective)
disruptive, disobedient, uncontrollable, rebellious.
fractious (adjective)
refractory, disorderly, pettish, testy, indocile, peevish, irritable, touchy, unruly, unmanageable, petulant, wild, undisciplined.
fretful (adjective)
huffy (adjective)
irritable (adjective)
touchy, cross, irritable.


adverse, embarrassing, contentious, fraught, problematic, disruptive, bad, invidious. hot-tempered, irascible, sensitive, short-tempered, moody, temperamental, bad-tempered. troublesome, rebellious, unruly. peace, control, obstreperous, resist, disorderly, lawless, indocile, uncontrollable, wild, unmanageable, order, out of line, undisciplined. fractious (noun)
difficult, hard, peevish, ill-natured, petulant, disobedient, techy, irritable, cranky, testy, refractory, tetchy, peckish, pettish, nettlesome.

Other synonyms:

indocile, short-tempered, undisciplined, irascible, hot-tempered. obstreperous, temperamental, uncontrollable, rebellious, bad-tempered. unmanageable. disorderly, lawless. wild. Other relevant words:
disruptive, bad, temperamental, cross, touchy, embarrassing, indocile, obstreperous, adverse, hot-tempered, problematic, resist, undisciplined, moody, sensitive, order, control, disorderly, irascible, rebellious, unruly, contentious, invidious, wild, unmanageable, peace, short-tempered, fraught, bad-tempered, uncontrollable, lawless, troublesome.

Usage examples for fractious

  1. He had also hoped that as Julia's husband he would have a good influence over her, and improve her fractious disposition; and many were the plans which he had formed as to what he would do when Richard was really his son. – Tempest and Sunshine by Mary J. Holmes
  2. I had some strong twine, as I thought she might prove fractious and I was determined to get the pin and paper. – The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells