Synonyms for Calm:


all (adjective)
serene, tranquil, unagitated.
calm (adjective)
composed, undisturbed, pacific, sedate, even-tempered, mild, easygoing, quiet, peaceful, serene, unruffled, tranquil, collected, cool, still, placid, moderate, relaxed.
carefree (adjective)
at ease.
composed (adjective)
unperturbed, untroubled.
composed, cool (animate) (adjective)
dispassionate, moderate, Cool-headed, impassive, disinterested, levelheaded, unmoved, gentle, patient, aloof, temperate, unexcitable, amicable, detached, laid-back, unconcerned, inscrutable, relaxed, imperturbable, untroubled, listless, civil, collected, neutral, sedate, unflappable, equable, self-possessed, amiable.
cool (adjective)
indifferent (adjective)
leisurely (adjective)
moderate (adjective)
subdued, cool, temperate, relaxed, alleviated, soft, quiet, composed, easy, gentle, tranquil, pacific, restrained, soothing, innocuous, moderate.
motionless (adjective)
languid, sleeping, becalmed, fixed, unmoving, inactive, stationary, standing, immobile, dead, still, motionless, vegetative, idle, tranquil, quiet, stagnant, dormant, Resting, inert, static.
passive (adjective)
idle, inactive, inert, acquiescent, placid, complaisant, passive, yielding, submissive.
peaceful (adjective)
non-aggressive, pacific, idyllic, reposeful, halcyon, neutral, friendly, untroubled, placid, serene, Resting, peaceful, orderly, tranquil, quiet, pastoral, quiescent.
peaceful, quiet (inanimate) (adjective)
motionless, halcyon, low-key, undisturbed, mild, pastoral, pacific, cool, reposeful, smooth, bland, soothing, quiescent, slow, inactive, harmonious, windless, still, rural, tranquil, serene, restful, unruffled, placid.
quiet (adjective)
reflective (adjective)
soothing (adjective)
unexcitable (adjective)
even-tempered, cold-blooded, composed, neutral, aloof, unflappable, meek, serene, frigid, unhurried, inscrutable, reserved, steady, demure, controlled, unexcitable, self-composed, poker-faced, mild, numb, level-headed, tranquil, passionless, imperturbable, nonchalant, placid, moderate, detached, stoic, deadpan, self-controlled, dispassionate, impassive, cool, stoical, staid, apathetic, stolid, easygoing.
unperturbed (adjective)
well-behaved (adjective)


cozy, somnolent, stilly. coastal, deep-sea, fluvial, briny, freshwater, choppy, fresh, high, heavy. even, at ease, chilled, at one with, Cool-headed, possessed. cloudless, clear, clement, fine, fair, equable. paradise, the good life, luxury, high ground, privilege, harmony, freedom. attribute (noun)
calmness, composure, equanimity.
calm (noun)
equanimity, becalm, tranquillize, tranquilize, lull, still, windless, tranquil, serene, simmer down, settled, undisturbed, cool it, quieten, quiet, composed, composure, calmness, patience, calm down, sedate, cool off, placid, poise, unruffled, unagitated, steady, chill out, settle down, peacefulness, tranquillise, stillness, placidity.
calmness (noun)
self-possession, cool head, control, equilibrium.
inactivity (noun)
peace (noun)
friendliness, orderliness, concord, nonresistance, nonaggression, order, quietness, rest, truce, cease-fire, serenity, neutrality, armistice, tranquility, repose, peace, quiescence, amity, placidness, accord.
quiet (noun)
quietness (noun)
quietness, composure (noun)
patience, tranquility, placidity, serenity, hush, quiet, repose, lull, peacefulness, rest, peace, calmness, stillness.
repose (noun)
silence (noun)


calm (verb)
console, appease, quell, allay, philosophical, still, assuage, placate, lull, sedate.
emotion (verb)
quiet, still, quieten, lull, tranquillize, calm down, tranquillise, tranquilize.
make composed, quiet (verb)
pacify, mitigate, quieten, tranquilize, settle, mollify, relieve, steady, allay, alleviate, assuage, soothe, appease, compose, becalm, cool it, simmer down, placate, relax.
moderate (verb)
cool, quiet, soothe, compose, relax, moderate, alleviate, tranquilize, soften, pacify, restrain, subdue, abate, ease.
pacify (verb)
ebb, hush, mollify, conciliate, relieve, defuse, reconcile, stabilize, smooth.
rest (verb)
settle, stagnate, vegetate, pause, stand, sleep, fix, mark time, subside, slumber, stay, wait, becalm, settle down.
soothe (verb)

Other synonyms:

even, harmony. fresh. fine, heavy. high. clear. calmness
control, cool head.
simmer down.
make peace
cool off.

Usage examples for calm

  1. I ses, very calm – Project Gutenberg, Deep Waters, by W.W. Jacobs by W.W. Jacobs
  2. The night was again calm – Somewhere in Red Gap by Harry Leon Wilson
  3. I was quite calm and smiling. – The Blue Germ by Martin Swayne