Synonyms for Gusty:


airy (adjective)
blowy, drafty.
windy (adjective)
robust, windy, drafty, cyclonic, airy, stormy, blowing, hearty, blustering, blowy, blustery, breezy, tempestuous.


east, gale-force, gentle, cutting, easterly, the Beaufort scale, force, following, biting. blowy, airy, breath. breezy (noun)
hearty, robust.
gusty (noun)
blustering, blustery, stormy, blusterous.

Other synonyms:

gale-force, blowy, the Beaufort scale. biting. easterly, following. gentle. cutting, airy, east. force. Other relevant words:
blustering, blowy, gale-force, breath, robust, easterly, following, airy, cutting, gentle, biting, force, hearty, blusterous, east.