Synonyms for Only:


all (adjective)
matchless (adjective)
matchless, incomparable, nonpareil.
peerless (adjective)
single (adjective)
odd, individual, single, solitary, singular, lone, unique, sole.
singular (adjective)
matchless, unique, isolated, unparalleled, one, exclusive, particular, peerless, alone, unequaled, solitary, unrivaled, sole, single, individual, lone.


barely; exclusively (adverb)
just, but, merely, utterly, simply, entirely, nothing but, solely.
separately (adverb)
individually, severally.


completely (adverb)
merely (adverb)
just, simply.


anyway, in any case, the fact that, even so, not to mention, namely, by the way, furthermore, incidentally, anyhow. one, when, before, sometime, Whenever, include, particular, This, last, here, separate, Until, then. same, with the exception of, nonpareil, exclusive of something, unequaled, incomparable, unexampled, unmatched, beyond, Excluding, Excepting, otherwise than, unrivaled, unparalleled, matchless, peerless. slight, few, minimum, little, scant, sparse, mere. merely (noun)
simply, just, solely.
only (noun)
just, sole, exclusive, solely, lone, but, lonesome, merely, alone, single, simply, solitary, only when, only if, entirely, exclusively.
sole (noun)
unclassified, isolated, Companionless.
solely (noun)
severally, utterly, singly, nothing but, individually.

Other synonyms:

nothing but, mere, minimum, Excepting, sparse, Excluding, few, unmatched, scant. matchless, incomparable, nonpareil, unexampled, one, little, unparalleled, unequaled. peerless, unrivaled. particular. beyond. alone
alone, singly.
Other relevant words:
matchless, incomparable, unexampled, merely, Excluding, solely, separate, Excepting, nothing but, same, peerless, one, only if, only when, singly, lonesome, alone, but, just, exclusively, unequaled, particular, exclusive, little, nonpareil, unrivaled, Companionless, unparalleled, unmatched, beyond, isolated, simply, entirely, scant, few, mere.

Usage examples for only

  1. No, not that- only to ask you to understand. – Gunman's Reckoning by Max Brand
  2. But you're only one man. – The Port of Adventure by Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
  3. But she only said, " Then, dear, tell him so." – Patty Blossom by Carolyn Wells