Synonyms for Terror:


chore, the elephant in the room, necessity, the impossible, burden, task, headache, a tall order, mare, struggle. barricade, apostasy, 77, civil disobedience, agriterrorism, fear and trembling, trepidation, bioterrorism, boycott, 911, anarchy, funk, cold feet. chill. cowardice (noun)
panic, phobia, fearfulness, tremulousness, yellowness.
fear (noun)
angst, alarm, fright, apprehension, spinelessness, timidity, faintheartedness, fear, anxiety, intimidation, agitation, dread, cowardice.
fright (noun)
study at fear.
ghost (noun)
hobgoblin, shadow, nightmare, bugaboo, frankenstein, phantom, illusion, vampire, Phantasm, horror, daemon, specter, ghost, ghoul, spirit, apparition, chimera, myth, succubus, incubus, bogey man, monster, bugbear, ogre, dracula, werewolf.
holy terror (noun)
little terror, holy terror.
intense fear (noun)
fearfulness, horror, alarm, dread, intimidation, trepidation, panic, anxiety, fright.
person (noun)
threat, scourge.
terror (noun)
little terror, panic, holy terror, threat, brat, scourge.

Other synonyms:

cold feet. chill. funk. Other relevant words:
boycott, headache, burden, anarchy, bioterrorism, chore, apostasy, brat, scourge, mare, fear and trembling, trepidation, barricade, threat, struggle, chill, cold feet, funk, task, holy terror, necessity, agriterrorism, little terror.

Usage examples for terror

  1. " You are so beautiful, child," he told Trigger, " in your anger and terror and despair. – Legacy by James H Schmitz
  2. Nick was speechless with terror – Master Skylark by John Bennett
  3. He turned back with sick terror to the room where Raridan lay white and still; but Wheaton was as white as he. – The Main Chance by Meredith Nicholson