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discomfit - 83 results
Other synonyms:

overpower, chagrin, tip over, discountenance, win, pain, discompose, confuse, upset, foil, overmatch, fluster, put off, make someone's toes curl, knock over, confound, subject, disconcert, overmaster, turn over, inhibit, untune, put on the spot, worst, vanquish, overcome, down, balk, baffle, degrade, master, rattle, perplex, reduce, overthrow, conquer, defeat, subjugate, wither, put down, bowl over, rout, throw for a loop, swage, surmount, nonplus, tease, prevail over, beat, trouble, crush, disturb, thwart, discomfort, frustrate, subdue, overturn, checkmate, flurry, prevent, tump over.

Examples of usage:

And he himself will discomfit them before our face: but as for you, be ye not afraid of them.

For thine own prowess' sake discomfit me no more, but seek us the ford across to the other bank, that we may take hence both steeds and trappings. - "The Nibelungenlied", Unknown.

The Romans drifted here and there, in little clumps of lances, for their mind was less to discomfit the Britons than to release the captives from their bonds. - "Arthurian Chronicles: Roman de Brut", Wace.

Similar words:

discomfited, discomfort, discomfiture, dissonant, dishonest, discontent, discommode, discompose, discolour.

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