Synonyms for Discomfit:


foil, inhibit, thwart, prevent, tease, frustrate, wither, degrade, make someone's toes curl. perplex. discomfort, throw for a loop, put on the spot, pain, discountenance, confound, chagrin. discomfit (noun)
upset, discompose, disconcert, untune.


defeat, frustrate; confuse (verb)
discompose, embarrass, upset, thwart, foil, faze, perplex, discountenance, prevent, confound, disconcert, abash.
emotion (verb)
upset, discompose, disconcert, untune.
humble (verb)
embarrass, mortify, humiliate, humble, faze, disconcert, abash.
shame (verb)
vilify, ostracize, ridicule, shame, malign, debunk, scandalize, dishonor, expose, disgrace, stigmatize, show up, pillory, mock.

Other synonyms:

discountenance. confound. confuse
Other relevant words:
discomfort, prevent, perplex, discountenance, degrade, frustrate, foil, discompose, untune, chagrin, confound, throw for a loop, put on the spot, upset, thwart.