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departed - 131 results
Other synonyms:

done for, late, body, cadaver, low, remains, cold, nonextant, corpse, kaput, deceased person, stiff, dead soul, at rest, lifeless, breathless, foregone, at peace, asleep, past, live, bygone, the departed, decedent, the deceased, mummy, bypast, demised, done, defunct, pushing up daisies, the dead, body count, dead person.

Examples of usage:

Dorian and his mother frequently talked about Uncle Zed and the hopes the departed one had of the young man. - "Dorian", Nephi Anderson.

They came, and they departed; but he, like the earth, remained. - "Lancashire Idylls (1898)", Marshall Mather.

And, as this seemed to be my uncle's idea of a large evening, no objection was raised, and Fill and I departed. - "The Adventures of Sally", P. G. Wodehouse.

Similar words:

time of departure, service department, sociology department, sales department, treasury department, state department, psychology department, plant department, post office department, secretary of state for the home department.

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