Synonyms for Fault:


deficiency, inadequacy, Achilles' Heel. delinquency, trespass, offense, trust, solecism, duty, peccadillo, malfeasance, foible, frailty, transgression, commitment, misdemeanor, misdeed, obligation, impropriety, crime, sin, vice, guardianship, failing, dereliction, weakness, compulsion, misconduct, concern, malpractice. deride, remonstrate, reprimand, denigrate, rebuke, put down, find fault with, lapse. better, infirmity, help, affectation, alter ego, persona, predisposition, weak point, endowment, incarnation, propensity. gremlin, jam, bug, trouble, beautiful, failure, shutdown, breakdown, crash. onus, geological, culpability, geology, geography, continental drift, guilt, crust, faultline, start, continental shelf, floor, aquifer. at fault (noun)
blame (noun)
blame, sin; mistake (noun)
trespass, solecism, misdemeanor, impropriety, frailty, inaccuracy, misconduct, vice, dereliction, crime, offense, weakness, onus, slip, malfeasance, responsibility, error, foible, flaw, accountability, oversight, guilt, liability, lapse, defect, misdeed, malpractice, culpability, transgression, infirmity, delinquency, failing, blunder.
blemish (noun)
damage, chip, sore, blemish, scratch, splotch, eyesore, defacement, scuff, hack, brand, abrasion, wart, blotch, tarnish, impurity, score, imperfection, drawback, dot, spoilage, blister, weal, deformity, stain, kink, slit, discoloration, scab, scar, fleck, notch, freckle, blot, nick, scrape, rift, check, stigma, pockmark, disfigurement, fracture, mark, mar, spot, lesion, speck, gash, hurt.
crime (noun)
culpable (noun)
guilty, in the wrong, blamable.
error (noun)
distortion, mistake, inaccuracy, flaw, misconception, miscalculation, misprint, blunder, defect, falsehood, oversight, slip, gaffe, error, Misjudgment, fallacy, misconstruction, typo, misestimation, aberration.
fault (noun)
defect, blame, error, fracture, flaw, geological fault, shift, demerit, break, mistake.
misconduct (noun)
physical defect (noun)
deficiency, demerit, weak point, imperfection, blemish.
responsibility (noun)
guilt, liability, accountability, responsibility.
to a fault (noun)
censure, criticize, find fault with, knock, blame.
weakness (noun)
weak point, vice.

Other synonyms:

Achilles' Heel, affectation, continental shelf, endowment, faultline, weak point, shutdown, propensity, continental drift, persona, deficiency, inadequacy. bug, failing, foible, alter ego, criticize, frailty, incarnation, censure. geography, knock, rap, onus, breakdown. pan, crust. infirmity. jam. trouble. floor. inclination

Usage examples for fault

  1. Nothing is anybody's fault really. – This Crowded Earth by Robert Bloch
  2. She says it's all her fault and so it is, in a way." – They of the High Trails by Hamlin Garland
  3. I told her to bring you; so it was really all your fault – Jill's Red Bag by Amy Le Feuvre