Synonyms for Exploitation:


barbarism, abuse, maltreatment, atrocity, Brutalities, savagery, inhumanity, cruelty, evil, bullying. use, application, adoption, operation, usage, consumption, wear, implementation. act (noun)
employment (noun)
adoption, usage, application, use, operation.
exploitation (noun)
victimisation, development, victimization, using.
misuse (noun)
maltreatment, barbarism.
sexual harassment (noun)

Other synonyms:

implementation. consumption, application, usage. operation, adoption. wear. use. Other relevant words:
implementation, application, usage, adoption, operation, use, abuse.

Usage examples for exploitation

  1. There was, of course, in the interest of those devoted to exploitation a tendency to make the religious instruction of the Negroes as nearly nominal as possible only to remove the stigma attached to those who neglected the religious life of their servants. – The History of the Negro Church by Carter Godwin Woodson