Synonyms for Distortion:


adulteration (noun)
blemish (noun)
fracture, mar, impurity, splotch, tarnish, hurt, scratch, speck, hack, damage, imperfection, fleck, score, scuff, blemish, check, blotch, spot, deformity, blot, weal, brand, gash, mark, pockmark, scar, nick, rift, abrasion, spoilage, drawback, notch, slit, disfigurement, scrape, defacement, blister, kink, dot, stain, discoloration, stigma, lesion, wart, sore, freckle, chip, scab, eyesore.
changes (noun)
correction, change, evolution, alteration, transformation, shake up, effect, adjustment, trend, reform.
contortion (noun)
deformity (noun)
corruption, lopsidedness, perversity, crookedness, freakishness, asymmetry, contortion, irregularity, bend.
deformity; falsification (noun)
lie, misrepresentation, misinterpretation, perversion, malformation, misuse, crookedness, bend, contortion, torture, exaggeration.
distortion (noun)
deformation, torture, distorted shape, straining, overrefinement, optical aberration, twisting, aberration.
error (noun)
aberration, blunder, Misjudgment, mistake, fallacy, defect, fault, flaw, miscalculation, inaccuracy, misconception, misconstruction, misprint, falsehood, gaffe, oversight, slip, typo, error, misestimation.
exaggeration (noun)
embellishment, caricature, hyperbole, burlesque, overstatement, overdevelopment, exaggeration, aggrandizement, overvaluation, overestimation.
falsehood (noun)
misinterpretation (noun)
confusion, misquotation, deformation, misunderstanding, misreading, twisting, misinterpretation.
misrepresentation (noun)
lampoon, satire, parody, takeoff, misrepresentation, spoof, fake, cartoon, counterfeit, travesty, farce.
overestimation (noun)
hyperbola, embroidery, over-appraisal.
untruth (noun)

Other synonyms:

lie. change. Other relevant words:
evolution, misuse, adjustment, overrefinement, correction, distorted shape, lie, perversion, torture, straining, trend, effect, change, alteration, shake up, optical aberration, reform, transformation, malformation.

Usage examples for distortion

  1. This consists in a distortion of the understanding itself, regarding the first great principles of moral truth. – The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings by John Abercrombie
  2. But every hour she showed to me a different mood, a varied and elusive distortion of her inmost self; so that I came to wonder more and more whether I knew truly aught of her except that she was beautiful in all her moods, and that I loved her irretrievably. – First Person Paramount by Ambrose Pratt