Synonyms for Alteration:


remodeling, game-changing, exchange, stabilization. mending, needlepoint, qualification, cross-stitch, embroidery, needlework, chain stitch, correction, applique, darn, darning. permutation. alteration (noun)
revision, transfiguration, shift, difference, change, modification, conversion, variation, adjustment, diversification, reformation, metamorphosis, adaptation, transformation, transposition.
change (noun)
modulation, adjustment, difference, diversity, remodeling, transition, transfiguration, conversion, adaptation, diversification, metamorphosis, mutation, reformation, modification, deviation, transposition, shift, transformation, exchange, change, correction, variation, revision.
changes (noun)
reform, correction, evolution, trend, shake up, effect.
conversion (noun)
sublimation, proselytization, reclamation, regeneration.
event (noun)
modification, change.
qualification (noun)
restoring (noun)
transfer (noun)
variation (noun)

Other synonyms:

mending, darning, needlepoint, darn, applique, cross-stitch, needlework, chain stitch, game-changing, embroidery. permutation. Other relevant words:
permutation, effect, evolution, reform, darn, remodeling, needlepoint, applique, qualification, game-changing, correction, exchange.

Usage examples for alteration

  1. He knew the time the train left London Bridge without looking at the guide, and he found there had been no alteration during the years he had been away. – The Second String by Nat Gould
  2. If the work is to be clamped to the work table an alteration in the location of the recess cut by the drill point may be made by moving the work. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  3. The decision is in every case voluntary and subject to alteration on receipt of home news or from other causes. – South with Scott by Edward R. G. R. Evans