Synonyms for Spot:


belly, chest, back, girth, heart, front, flank, abdomen, body, belly button. athlete's foot, blackhead, dash, marks, abscess, boil, bedsore. black eye, center of excellence, dodge city, onus, disaster area, attaint, dumping ground, anchorage, respect, dust trap, aerie, destination, cradle, cattle auction. gig, job, slot, notice, appointment. bullring, club, hot water, easy, cinema, trouble, quagmire, civic center, difficulty, amphitheater, soup, auditorium, plight, jam, corner, bowling alley, box, art-house, pickle, predicament, bind, aquarium, dilemma, dutch, fix, hot spot, deep water. drop, iota, scruple, ordeal, fragment, whit, tragedy, grain, modicum, battle, trifle, crisis, stress, shred, minim, dab, dram, worst-case scenario, smidgen, tittle, crumb, big, molecule, nightmare, ounce, particle, Ort. desultory, indiscriminate, random, hit-or-miss, patina, unplanned, shading, haphazard, chance, planned, band. setting, whereabouts, base, center. witness, glimpse, catch, observe, see, fall. jet, leak, river, sip, condensation, moisture, trickle. footprint, singe, skid marks, tidemark, bloodstain. pro, cross-training, spotter, coach, coaching, professional, train, personal trainer. flashlight, hurricane lamp, nightlight, lamp, sodium, floor lamp, searchlight, fluorescent light, floodlight. installment, low point, juncture, episode, gradation, instalment, lowlights, the middle. attribute (noun)
bad situation (noun)
difficulty, jam, predicament, fix, pickle, trouble, scrape, dilemma, corner, plight, box.
blemish (noun)
deformity, eyesore, lesion, drawback, scab, fault, wart, rift, sore, stigma, spoilage, imperfection, blotch, distortion, abrasion, defacement, discoloration, impurity, weal, brand, disfigurement.
circumstances (noun)
condition (noun)
crisis (noun)
department (noun)
location (noun)
office, place, point, position, situation, site, emplacement, whereabouts, layout, posting, post, station, slot, locus, scene.
mark, stain (noun)
discoloration, whit, molecule, flaw, blot, blemish, daub, taint, blotch, iota, drop, particle, dram, speck, smidgen, smudge.
place (noun)
arena, floor, ground, forum, place, circus, habitat, stage, campus.
point out (noun)
position in organization (noun)
appointment, berth, job.
predicament (noun)
prompt (noun)
immediate, instantaneous, ready.
shame (noun)
situation (noun)
disposition, post, station, configuration, standing, mode, environment, placement, state, modality, property, condition, style, ambience, status, location, formation, scene, arrangement, quality, circumstance, situation, aspect, site, position, layout.
spot (noun)
descry, post, patch, dapple, stain, smear, bit, situation, position, fleck, point, smirch, smudge, topographic point, blemish, pip, slur, office, blot, maculation, spy, daub, place, espy, touch, berth, spotlight, speckle, blob.
stain (noun)
dirty, spatter, splatter.


blemish (verb)
deform, hack, deface, pockmark, taint, scuff, check, defect, speck, abrade, nick, chip, dot, tarnish, gash, flaw, score, mark, notch, blister, scrape, fleck, freckle, discolor, hurt, mar, splotch, distort, fracture, scratch, disfigure, blemish, damage, kink, blot, stain, slit, spoil, scar.
light (verb)
flash, fire, sparkle, glitter, scintillate, glow, flare, glint, incandesce, fluoresce, radiate, flood, light, blaze, shine, gleam, beam, illuminate.
locate (verb)
find, locate, establish, set, situate, put, pinpoint, discover, lay, unearth.
mark, stain (verb)
dot, splotch, spatter, dapple, dirty, fleck, speckle, tarnish.
see, recognize (verb)
catch, discover, find, espy, observe, detect, locate, pinpoint, descry.

Other synonyms:

dutch, attaint, personal trainer, bloodstain, gig, singe, hot spot, skid marks, coaching, cross-training, minim, deep water, predicament. indiscriminate, shred, unplanned, hot water, tidemark, particle, iota, plight, tittle, ounce, slot, haphazard, Ort, black eye, whit, onus, modicum, soup, box, smidgen, glimpse, spotter, dilemma, splatter, random, molecule. detect, footprint, desultory, notice, pickle, hit-or-miss, fragment, crumb, dram, scruple. grain, jam, quagmire. appointment, pro. coach, job, difficulty, bind, catch, corner, drop, trifle. professional. witness. trouble. train. fall. blemish
mar, spoil.
descry, detect.
Other relevant words:
espy, smear, bit, witness, observe, descry, attaint, notice, see, spy, spotlight, patch, detect, point, smudge, speckle, smirch.

Usage examples for spot

  1. They got out of it, and went on till they had gone far in a strange wild spot – The Book of One Syllable by Esther Bakewell
  2. My money is on the man on the spot all the time. – The Stronger Influence by F.E. Mills Young
  3. Of course, I am very anxious to be on the spot to meet Stella. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston