Synonyms for Planned:


concerted (adjective)
deliberate (adjective)
voluntary, willful, intended, premeditated, studied, considered, calculated, intentional, Schemed, conscious, aforethought.
intended (adjective)
intended, proposed, Wished, considered, Schemed, Meant, Endeavored, expected, tried, chosen, Aimed.
planned (adjective)
conceived, designed, Schemed, proposed, coordinated, contrived, intended, anticipated, premeditated, plotted, expected, arranged, Charted.
predetermined (adjective)
designed, Devised, preordained, premeditated, predetermined.
projected (adjective)
prepared, in the making, prospective, on the docket, outlined, programmed.


planned (noun)
contrived, formed, put up, projected, designed, deep-laid, prearranged, aforethought, preset, predetermined, plotted, conceived, proposed.
projected (noun)
prospective, prelogisticated, under consideration, in the making, under advisement, cut out, cut-and-dried, on the docket, on the drawing board.


calculated (verb)
measured, Assessed, Judged, Schemed, Deduced, studied, Tallied, rationalized, Scored, quantized, evaluated, multiplied, estimated, Gauged, divided, Approximated, considered, Appraised, thought, Accounted, Counted, Rated, concluded, systematized, Guessed, Triangulated, scheduled, figured, Summed, calculated, Computed, added, quantified, totaled, ranked, Enumerated, Reckoned, plotted, supposed, programmed, valued, Weighed, presumed, Inferred, determined, Surmised.
imagined (verb)
imagined, envisioned, Contemplated, Opined, fantasized, brainstormed, perceived, daydreamed, observed, reflected, Created, Theorized.
intended (verb)
minded, Chose, resolved.
ordered (verb)
classified, Methodized, cast, adjusted, set, mediated, controlled, placed, designed, arranged, schematized, integrated, separated, Classed, Screened, grouped, sorted, shaped, Sifted, categorized, Marshalled, Subordinated, stratified, unsnarled, Devised, unified, ordered, Charted, supported, normalized, stabilized, pigeonholed, structured, regulated, formed, maintained, typed, settled, harmonized, established, organized, graded, Righted, Collated, orchestrated, framed, prepared, balanced, composed, fixed, arrayed.
outlined (verb)
delineated, circumscribed, Drafted, represented, contoured, silhouetted, drew, Profiled, drawn, outlined, Sketched, traced.
planned (verb)
anticipated, blueprinted, invented, coordinated, premeditated, conceived, contrived.
predetermined (verb)
premeditated, designed, Devised, predetermined.

Other synonyms:

put up.

Usage examples for planned

  1. And as the morning did turn out fine, it all happened as he had planned – A Christmas Posy by Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth
  2. This had been planned during Richard's absence to surprise him. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. Listen to what I've planned Bert, and tell me what you think. – Undertow by Kathleen Norris