Synonyms for Submitted:


given (adjective)
furnished, presented, Served, rationed, shared, paid, Allowed, lent, Imparted, given, Showered, Lavished, assigned, granted, Tendered, Contributed, allotted, bestowed, Provided, Ascribed, Doled, sent, Offered, pledged, Delivered, Supplied, expended, Awarded, Attributed, endowed, Rendered, Disbursed, Consigned, dispensed, donated, Bequeathed.
offered (adjective)
granted, given, presented, Imparted, Rendered, Offered, extended, Quoted, invited, Issued.


affirmed (verb)
attested, corroborated, assured, certified, accepted, stated, sustained, ratified, pledged, Averred, supported, acknowledged, professed, Contended, affirmed, endorsed, Testified, declared, warranted, pronounced, Claimed, approved, promised, Propounded, expressed, Avouched, verified, set down, asserted, validated, maintained, admitted, proclaimed, Adjured.
complied (verb)
observed, Ceded, agreed, Conformed, Acquiesced, respected, Assented, knuckled under, deferred, Capitulated, Consented, Concurred, bent, Obeyed, kowtowed, Succumbed, Genuflected, Adhered, bowed, Caved, Yielded, Complied, fulfilled, surrendered.
conformed (verb)
Aped, Mimicked.
gave (verb)
expended, Supplied, donated, devoted, Bequeathed, allotted, Ascribed, Lavished, sent, Contributed, shared, assigned, Doled, paid, Awarded, furnished, Consigned, Attributed, assisted, Helped, funded, Showered, Disbursed, dispensed, Delivered, Provided, rationed, lent, Allowed.
obeyed (verb)
offered (verb)
attempted, bestowed, bid, given, Imparted, Cited, invited, Dealt, Offered, extended, granted, Issued, Approached, presented, Quoted, Bidden, endowed, advanced, Tendered, Gave, Rendered.

Usage examples for Submitted

  1. It gives me pleasure to state that in most of those submitted to me I recognize merit, and I should be glad if it were in my power to give three times as many prizes. – Frank's Campaign or the Farm and the Camp by Horatio Alger, Jr.
  2. You are not to be submitted to these dreadful- She interrupted him. – The Hollow of Her Hand by George Barr McCutcheon
  3. They had submitted cards, but had refused to state the nature of their business. – The Siege of the Seven Suitors by Meredith Nicholson