Synonyms for Going:


active (adjective)
flowing, moving, running, shifting.
departing (adjective)
retreating, departing, fleeing, leaving, parting, withdrawing, exiting.
disappearing (adjective)
mobile (adjective)
moving (adjective)
active, coursing, flowing, moving, passing, proceeding, running, stirring, transiting.
running (adjective)


accessible, available, open, public, seasonal, spare, usable, vacant, on offer. advance, advancement, approach, development, direction, egress, exodus, history, maturation, momentum, progress, withdrawal, a giant step/leap/stride, the march of something. bow out, leave, quit, resign, retire, vacate, stand-down, step aside, give/hand in (your) notice, hand in your notice/resignation. double, dressage, furlong, gymkhana, handicap, horseflesh, flat race, flat racing, the horses. departure (noun)
bow out, egress, exodus, parting.
flourishing (noun)
profitable, successful, thriving.


departing (verb)
departing, fleeing, leaving, parting, withdrawing, Abandoning, Decamping, Embarking, Quitting, exiting.
disappearing (verb)
disappearing, dissolving, fading, flying, hiding, melting, sinking, vanishing, Evanescing, Evaporating.
moving (verb)
actuating, shifting, Budging, Transferring, relocating.

Other synonyms:

accessible, available, dressage, furlong, gymkhana, open, public, spare, usable, vacant, flat race, flat racing. horseflesh, withdrawal. egress, exodus. handicap. Other relevant words:
accessible, advance, advancement, approach, available, bow out, development, direction, double, dressage, egress, exodus, furlong, gymkhana, handicap, history, horseflesh, leave, maturation, momentum, open, profitable, progress, public, quit, resign, retire, seasonal, spare, successful, thriving, usable, vacant, vacate, withdrawal.

Usage examples for going

  1. Who did you say was going – Somehow Good by William de Morgan
  2. Let us be going – The Seven Plays in English Verse by Sophocles
  3. " I'm going if mother'll let me," said Peggy. – Peggy in Her Blue Frock by Eliza Orne White