Synonyms for Incidental:


accidental (adjective)
all (adjective)
circumstantial (adjective)
indirect, inferential, uncertain, episodic, inconclusive, occasional, presumptive, circumstantial, eventual, landmark.
related; minor (adjective)
circumstantial, ancillary, random, adventitious, concomitant, coincidental, nonessential, accidental, subsidiary, subordinate, secondary, occasional, accompanying, attendant.


impromptu, random, spontaneous, coincidental, instinctive, arbitrary, by accident, involuntary. non-issue, detail, Minutiae, adventitious, stuff, nothing, surface, adjunct, dead wood, inessentials, Supervenient, trivia, adscititious, irrelevance. lesser, collateral, ancillary, second, in descending order, subsidiary, subordinate. incidental (noun)
incidental expense, concomitant, nonessential, by, related, parenthetic, attendant, unessential, inessential, peripheral, incidental to, side, incident, minor expense, bye, related to, accompanying, secondary, parenthetical.
possession (noun)
incidental expense, minor expense.
subsidiary (noun)
study at accidental, accidental, trivial, as an incident of.

Other synonyms:

ancillary, subsidiary. second. incidental

Usage examples for incidental

  1. It receives some incidental development as a result of educational processes, but the effort to reach and affect it as the faculties of observation, of reasoning, and of memory are made specific objects of training and unfolding, is rarely made. – Essays On Work And Culture by Hamilton Wright Mabie
  2. With him attendance at school was a thing of more or less incidental obligation. – The Major by Ralph Connor
  3. His heroism is incidental the commonplace impulse of the moment. – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker