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delayed - 108 results
Other synonyms:

inactive, abeyant, late, held up, retarded, in abeyance, delayed-action, put off, suspended, postponed, deferred.

Examples of usage:

Fortunately, Edmunds had held out, or, rather, Langdon had delayed approaching him, long enough for me to gain my main point. - "The Deluge", David Graham Phillips.

Bough swore with relief and surprise, delayed only to lock away the letter, and went to take a look. - "The Dop Doctor", Clotilde Inez Mary Graves.

The man delayed a second. - "The Cattle-Baron's Daughter", Harold Bindloss.

Similar words:

not delayed, deliver, sonic delay line, delibes, deltoid, time-delay measuring instrument, time-delay measuring system, deltoid eminence, deltoid muscle, deltoid tuberosity.

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