Synonyms for Crude:


all (adjective)
rough, raw.
discourteous (adjective)
caddish, contemptuous, coarse, brutish, disrespectful, impertinent, ill-mannered, brash, uncivilized, ill-bred, uncouth, uncivil, vulgar, rude, barbarous, discourteous, tactless, impolite.
inelegant (adjective)
awkward, boorish, raw, graceless, brutish, earthy, inelegant, gross, uncivil, tasteless, coarse, unpolished, gawky, barbarous, rude, tawdry, undignified, clumsy, tactless, unrefined, vulgar.
rough (adjective)
unrefined, natural (adjective)
homespun, homemade, amateurish, immature, primitive, sketchy, unpolished, unprocessed, unfinished, unformed, makeshift, rudimentary, undeveloped, thick.
unskillful (adjective)
awkward, incompetent, inept, unpracticed, unskillful, unpolished, Skill-less, amateurish.
vulgar (adjective)
cheap, animal, sordid, colloquial, ill-bred, crass, cockney, gaudy, rude, salty, common, inelegant, undignified, chintzy, broad, coarse, depraved, brazen, offensive, boorish, revolting, ignoble, idiomatic, profane, low, garish, indelicate, raw, barnyard, unbecoming, obscene, tawdry, repulsive, glaring, gross, degraded, sleazy, outlandish, clumsy, ignominious, unrefined, rough, in bad taste, coarse-grained, homespun, tasteless, rank, barbaric, tactless, vulgar, unpolished, graceless, base, unseemly, shameless, earthy, philistine, scandalous, brutish.
vulgar, unpolished in manner (adjective)
cheap, ill-bred, indecent, earthy, indelicate, clumsy, awkward, uncouth, savage, boorish, coarse, tactless, raw, barnyard, unskillful, obscene, rude, crass, inelegant, gross, rough, ungainly.


chemical, active, concentrated, anaerobic, catalytic, corrosive, chemical equation, aerobic, ungainly, alkaloid, alkaline. benzene, diesel, black gold, high-octane, good, gasohol, gas, gasoline, fuel, barrel. crude (noun)
crude oil, petroleum, primitive, gross, raw, early, blunt, unrefined, unconditional, coarse, earthy, unprocessed, rude, coal oil, vulgar, rough, unanalyzed, fossil oil, rock oil, indecent, stark, unskilled.
crude oil (noun)
coal oil, fossil oil, rock oil.
oil (noun)
butter, fat, margerine, unguent, petroleum, lubrication, lard, oil, grease, balm.
substance (noun)
fossil oil, petroleum, crude oil, rock oil, oil.

Other synonyms:

benzene, foul-mouthed, gasohol, unfinished, vitriolic, gasoline, black gold, abusive. diesel, high-octane, churlish, uncultured, fuel. uncultivated. barrel. gas. native. immature
savage, primitive.

Usage examples for crude

  1. Know Christ with the first conceptions, imperfect and crude of his boy's life, and he shall go on knowing more and more of that Christ. – Addresses by Phillips Brooks
  2. These two are both part of the crude data; it is not the case that only the events are given, and their time- order is added by our subjective activity. – Our Knowledge of the External World as a Field for Scientific Method in Philosophy by Bertrand Russell