Synonyms for Anticipate:


intercept, look forward to, hold back, cheer, thrive on, live happily ever after, delay, be happy for someone, neglect, jump for joy, block, rejoice in, rejoice, brighten, treasure. judge, guess, see, estimate, read between the lines, overestimate, hazard, underestimate, put two and two together, foresight, gauge. depend on, figure on, surprise. anticipate (noun)
expect, foresee, forebode, foreknow, predict, counter, call, promise, forestall, foretell, look to, look for, previse, prognosticate.


act in advance of (verb)
block, hold back, delay, forestall, apprehend, precede, intercept.
cognition (verb)
expect (verb)
assume, contemplate, envisage, dread, forebode, envision, apprehend, presume, suspect, imagine, gather, surmise, infer, presuppose, foresee, foreknow, bargain for, await, deduce.
expect; predict (verb)
plan on, foresee, conjecture, look for, see, foretell, prophesy, divine, count on, bargain for, await, look forward to, suppose, assume, wait for, prognosticate.
hope (verb)
desire, rely, aspire, hope, believe, trust, wish, yearn, dream of, want.
plan (verb)
scheme, contrive, blueprint, design, invent, coordinate, intend, conceive, chart, plot, arrange, propose, plan, aim, premeditate, expect.
precede (verb)
lead, head off, predate, antecede, precede, pioneer, introduce, Forerun, trail-blaze, antedate, foreshadow.
social (verb)
counter, forestall, foresee.

Other synonyms:

reckon on, calculate on, bargain on. suppose. count on. see. calculate
depend on.
bargain for.
antecede, Forerun, predate.

Usage examples for anticipate

  1. Although Alida had not once broken her silence I knew that something terrible had occurred, but I felt no curiosity; I did not wish the ear to anticipate the eye in the revelation which was about to be made. – By Veldt and Kopje by William Charles Scully
  2. You don't anticipate that inconvenience for me? – Malcolm by George MacDonald
  3. Presently the speaker resumed-- However, I anticipate – Vikram-and-the-Vampire-Classic-Hindu-Tales-of-Adventure-Magic-and-Romance by Burton, Isabel, Lady