Usage examples for systematized

  1. And, indeed, they could not, if every part of their manufacture was not systematized in the most perfect manner and conducted on a large scale. – History of the American Clock Business for the Past Sixty Years, and Life of Chauncey Jerome by Chauncey Jerome
  2. The object of instruction is to make them understand the doctrines themselves, perceive their mutual connexion, and form by means of them a consistent and systematized conception of nature. – Auguste Comte and Positivism by John-Stuart Mill
  3. But if we desire to build ships for present usefulness instead of naval reminders of the days that are past, we must have a Department organized for the work, supplied with all the talent and ingenuity our country affords, prepared to take advantage of the experience of other nations, systematized so that all effort shall unite and lead in one direction, and fully imbued with the conviction that war vessels, though new, are useless unless they combine all that the ingenuity of man has up to this day brought forth relating to their construction. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various