Synonyms for Consistent:


agreeing, compatible (adjective)
agreeable, congruous, equable, harmonious, coherent, congenial, accordant, consonant, like.
coherent (adjective)
integrated, coherent, cohesive, congruous, lucid.
cohesive (adjective)
inseparable, conforming, connected, congruous, continuous, indissoluble, integrated, indivisible, solid, cohesive.
commensurate (adjective)
in accord.
constant, regular (adjective)
same, uniform, invariable, dependable, steady, unchanging, logical, persistent, undeviating, unfailing, even, unvarying, homogeneous.
continuous (adjective)
endless, undying, level, unceasing, flat, unending, repetitive, cyclical, homogeneous, perpetual, constant, continual, regular, robot-like, undeviating, un-intermittent, lasting, coherent, uniform, unremitting, everlasting, sequential, continuing, even, continuous, repeated, incessant, monotonous, indefatigable, unchanging, invariable, connected, consecutive, unbroken, ceaseless, unchangeable, habitual, persistent, featureless, seamless, gapless, monolithic, nonstop, steady, recurrent, perennial, interminable, unvarying, straight.
intelligible (adjective)
crisp, coherent, decipherable, plain, legible, clear, straightforward, understandable, perspicuous, comprehensible, self-explanatory, lucid, intelligible, direct.
like (adjective)
ordered (adjective)
efficient, uniform, harmonious, systematic, ordered, arranged, regular, steady, symmetrical, balanced, tight, stable, normal, methodical.
similar (adjective)
homogeneous, like.
stable (adjective)
firm, steady, immovable, continuous, solid, changeless, persistent, stable, constant, durable, invariable, steadfast, set, permanent.
uniform (adjective)
even, undeviating, same, homogeneous, regular, unbroken, assonant, like, unvarying, consonant, invariable, equable, steady, indistinguishable, level, undifferentiated, undiversified, monolithic, alike, seamless, uniform.


another, equal, interchangeable, equivalent, identical, different, same old, same old, compatible. budding, fledgling, in the making, embryonic, new, incipient, in its infancy, dynamic, progressive, emerging, unswerving, faithful. agree, reliable, trustworthy, correspondent, responsible, reputable, as good as your word, congenial, secure, corresponding, sound, dependable. change, unfailing. consistent (noun)
conformable, reconciled, logical, consonant, in agreement, pursuant, agreeable, homogenous, uniform, coherent, duplicatable, concordant, orderly, duplicable, homogeneous, reproducible, self-consistent, in accord, accordant, ordered, unchanging.

Other synonyms:

equivalent, identical, interchangeable. corresponding, unfailing, another, compatible, dependable. different, reliable. congenial, equal. logical
Other relevant words:
concordant, dependable, incipient, corresponding, congenial, emerging, progressive, duplicatable, reliable, equivalent, pursuant, responsible, self-consistent, new, different, agree, identical, faithful, fledgling, reproducible, orderly, agreeable, trustworthy, duplicable, in agreement, correspondent, logical, embryonic, dynamic, change, compatible, another, interchangeable, alike, in accord, unfailing, conformable, reputable, homogenous, secure, reconciled, unswerving, equal, budding, accordant, sound.

Usage examples for consistent

  1. " I shall keep quiet anything that you tell me, my lord," said Darby greatly pleased; " that is, anything that is consistent with my official duty." – Red Money by Fergus Hume
  2. Let it be directed solely towards the well- being of the individual so far as that is consistent with the well- being of society. – Personality in Literature by Rolfe Arnold Scott-James
  3. He knew that more of his time was spent about the gardener's cottage than seemed consistent with any interest he could have felt in William Jessup. – Norston's Rest by Ann S. Stephens