Synonyms for Skeleton:


outlined (adjective)
figured, contoured, formed, Sketched, bordered, delineated, encircled, outlined, silhouette, traced, circumscribed, Profiled.


element, support, essence, priority, basis, concern, core, feature, burning issue/question, key, bone, staple. colossus, hulk, amazon, planned, manikin, brute, he-man, mannikin, beanpole, words, giant, gamine, rough. backbone, collarbone, breastbone, clavicle, cheekbone, bone marrow, ankle, coccyx, ball-and-socket joint. facility, block, installation, folly, the built environment, infill. outline (noun)
contour, configuration, tracing, border, delineation, perimeter, form, profile, silhouette, figure, outline, representation, plan, sketch, girth, limit, circumference, periphery, wire frame, drawing.
skeleton (noun)
skeletal frame, frame, skeletal system, Systema Skeletale, underframe.
structure (noun)
arrangement, framework, constitution, construction, makeup, anatomy, composition, frame, architecture, shape, building, structure, fabric, edifice.
structure of bones in animate being or supports in an object (noun)
framework, frame, outline, sketch, support.

Other synonyms:

hulk. outline
systema skeletale
Systema Skeletale.
Other relevant words:
bone, colossus, coccyx, clavicle, he-man, words, rough, block, feature, core, infill, giant, collarbone, skeletal frame, basis, breastbone, brute, staple, hulk, Systema Skeletale, ankle, beanpole, gamine, key, folly, facility, backbone, cheekbone, installation, priority, mannikin, skeletal system, element, planned, underframe, manikin, support, amazon, concern, essence.

Usage examples for skeleton

  1. Without power the lift was useless, but the skeleton cage, stripped of all its tools, was not too heavy for two strong men to swing clear of the shaft top. – The Legion of Lazarus by Edmond Hamilton
  2. Hardly daring to breathe himself he cursed the erratic doctor's skeleton pet- hung, of all places, where every little while he was cutting people open. – Laramie Holds the Range by Frank H. Spearman
  3. At all events, I thought you ought to know that Mr. X's closet holds a skeleton which he will doubtless take every pains to keep securely locked from general view. – The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow by Anna Katharine Green