Synonyms for Contemplate:


assess, take a long hard look at someone/something, eye, take something into consideration. picture, read into, turn over, chew on, think through, think up, visualization, entertain, revolve, have visions of (doing) something, think out. mean, project, target, aim, propose, mind, planned, purpose. contemplate (noun)
excogotate, speculate, muse, reflect, ruminate, mull over, ponder, chew over, meditate, think over, mull.


examine (verb)
inspect, peruse, check, scrutinize, scan, review, verify.
expect (verb)
dread, apprehend, envisage, foresee, await, assume, presuppose, anticipate, gather, infer, deduce, surmise, forebode, suspect, expect, foreknow, presume.
gaze at (verb)
examine, inspect, peer, peruse, pierce, scan, scrutinize, pry, notice, witness, probe, eye, survey, penetrate.
hope (verb)
believe, yearn, rely, want, wish, intend, trust, aspire, desire, dream of, hope.
imagine (verb)
create, opine, ideate, observe, invent, conceive, theorize, perceive, suppose, design, plan, brainstorm, fantasize.
question (verb)
delve, seek, query, dispute, challenge, probe, interrogate, ask, quiz, question, inquire, poll, explore, survey, interpolate, examine, canvass, investigate, catechize.
think (verb)
calculate, brood, ponder, cerebrate, deliberate, debate, muse, reflect, analyze, consider, appraise, study, meditate, speculate, think, concentrate, cogitate, reason, weigh, envision, imagine, evaluate.
think about seriously; plan (verb)
expect, purpose, ponder, aim, weigh, mull over, deliberate, consider, intend, mind, propose, observe, study, chew over, take in, mean, design, foresee, speculate, ruminate, envisage.

Other synonyms:

think up, chew on, read into, think through, think out. daydream, assess. entertain, propose, turn over, revolve, aim. purpose. picture, project, mean. expect
think through.
turn over
turn over.
Other relevant words:
entertain, project, chew over, notice, think through, think out, assess, mind, pierce, peer, aim, mull, mull over, penetrate, eye, turn over, mean, think up, purpose, ruminate, excogotate, anticipate, propose, pry, target, picture, chew on, witness, revolve, think over.

Usage examples for contemplate

  1. On the second day, however, he seemed to get accustomed to contemplate calmly the new idea of the search on which we were bent, and, except on one point, he was cheerful and composed enough. – The Queen of Hearts by Wilkie Collins Last Updated: January 3, 2009
  2. My dear child, do you actually contemplate taking me flying through the air at my time of life? – The Girl Aviators' Motor Butterfly by Margaret Burnham
  3. Gratification and amazement struggle for supremacy as we contemplate the population, wealth, and moral strength of our country. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various