Synonyms for Reflect:


assess, take something into consideration, take a long hard look at someone/something. bend, return, match, filter, bathe, fade, reproduce, follow, play, reecho, reply, flood, waver, catch, focus, sound, take after. give back, illustrate, profile, delineate, set forth, paint, flash, pin down, set out, exemplify, define, describe, glare. display, exhibit, show, indicate, reveal. depreciate, dishonor, disgrace. image. same. think out, think through, chew on, entertain, revolve, turn over. ratiocinate. reflect (noun)
mull over, ponder, shine, contemplate, speculate, reverberate, mull, ruminate, think over, meditate, chew over, excogotate, muse.


demonstrate, indicate (verb)
display, exhibit, show, indicate, reveal.
give back (verb)
imitate, repeat, copy, echo, catch, emulate, return, take after, shine, reproduce, reverberate, follow, mirror, flash, reply, match.
imagine (verb)
ideate, observe, plan, conceive, suppose, opine, fantasize, perceive, theorize, design, brainstorm, create, invent.
imitate (verb)
flatter, pretend, ape, parallel, imitate, echo, resemble, counterfeit, duplicate, mime, parrot, simulate, copy, ditto, mirror, feign, replicate, repeat, impersonate, parody, mock, mimic, emulate, portray.
perception (verb)
remember (verb)
recall, recollect, reminisce, relive, remember.
think (verb)
contemplate, speculate, cerebrate, weigh, imagine, analyze, muse, meditate, ponder, calculate, study, concentrate, debate, brood, appraise, think, cogitate, reason, deliberate, envision, evaluate, consider.
think about (verb)
mull over, ponder, cogitate, speculate, deliberate, muse, meditate, think, reason, study, consider, weigh, contemplate, cerebrate, ruminate.

Other synonyms:

waver, ratiocinate. follow, reproduce, reecho. bathe, revolve, fade. sound. focus. flood, return, bend, entertain. filter. play. catch. deliberate
turn over.
think through.
cerebrate, ratiocinate, ideate.
Other relevant words:
dishonor, depreciate, delineate, set forth, display, catch, show, follow, think over, paint, exhibit, glare, think through, reverberate, bend, define, fade, take after, same, ratiocinate, match, flash, reecho, mull, exemplify, shine, reveal, reply, describe, assess, give back, reproduce, focus, excogotate, waver, return, think out, indicate, revolve, sound, profile, image, disgrace, chew over, filter, flood, turn over, chew on, play, illustrate, bathe, mull over, ruminate, entertain.

Usage examples for reflect

  1. For I have spent so much time thinking of my friends that I have scarcely ever stopped to reflect upon the abstract quality of friendship. – Adventures In Friendship by David Grayson
  2. I think, then, that what has been advanced will make you seriously reflect – Love's Final Victory by Horatio
  3. Just reflect on what your father said, Rhoda." – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith