Synonyms for Contour:


chart, coordinate, atlas, globe, grid, boundary, cartography, grid reference, study at outline. face, side, center, hypotenuse, surface, corner, sector, cusp. communication (noun)
contour line.
contour (noun)
conformation, form, shape, contour line, configuration.
outline (noun)
silhouette, frame, circumference, girth, drawing, form, sketch, periphery, figure, profile, perimeter, plan, configuration, skeleton, wire frame, framework, tracing, representation, delineation.
outline, profile (noun)
figure, shape, silhouette, form, delineation.


edge (verb)
fringe, limit, border, outline, rim, bound, edge, ring, trace.
outline (verb)
delineate, draw, represent, draft, circumscribe.

Other synonyms:

hypotenuse, cartography, grid reference. cusp. globe. grid, chart, sector. center. face. corner. side. Other relevant words:
center, grid, chart, conformation, globe, side, atlas, coordinate, cartography, surface, sector, face, hypotenuse, shape, boundary, cusp, contour line, corner.

Usage examples for contour

  1. And this was an unusual one, the contour of her head was like a Greek statue. – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  2. Her eyes were large and dark, her hair black and abundant, in this being the only one of my mother's children who resembled her, as she did also in the contour of her face and nose. – Confessions of Boyhood by John Albee
  3. It was larger than some of the others, since it followed the contour of the basin- like recess. – Cow-Country by B. M. Bower