Synonyms for Bound:


attached (adjective)
augmented, embellished, extended, Spliced, connected, merged, joined, Hitched, extra, married, added, Prefixed, subscripted, accompanied, Suffixed, attached, Annexed, additional, affixed, related.
bound (adjective)
Bracketed, laced, Stayed, fused, threaded, tied, pasted, closed, linked, knotted, Sutured, clinched, coupled, Buckled, connected, Strapped, Cemented, chained, Welded, Hinged, zipped, stitched, glued, knit, fastened, strung.
limited (adjective)
restricted, limited.
obligated; destined (adjective)
constrained, restrained, obligated, driven, required, bounden, pledged, made, forced, compelled, obliged, enslaved.
obliged (adjective)
restrained (adjective)
inhibited, constricted, impeded, restricted, constrained, shackled, Collared, Hindered, restrained, Bridled, Leashed, Detained, tethered, controlled, confined.
subordinate (adjective)
enslaved, supine, junior, servile, obedient, subservient, constrained, subjugated, subordinate, submissive, unfranchised, under, Subjected, enthralled, compliant, deferent, subject, dependent.


driven, obliged, under guard, pledged, in thrall to, reliant, stranded, made, marooned, under someone's control/influence/spell, independent, committed, forced, subject to something, answerable, unconstrained. contain, hem in, engulf, envelop, encircle, move, kettle. approach, dive, fly. encyclopaedic, fiction, hardbound, loose-leaf, bookrest, pop up, bookends, encyclopedic, bookmark. expected, under obligation, obligation, good, probably, beholden, probable, likely, indebted, bounden, possibly, guaranteed. develop, prosper, work, bear fruit, shape up, work out, take off, function, come off. flip, flying tackle, running jump. bound (noun)
constrained, attached, hop, Roped, chained, shackled, check, committed, hurdle, vault, restraint, Lashed, restriction, required, jump, limit, restricted, leap, fastened, edge, compelled, forced, skip, obliged, pledged, Strapped, spring, border, tethered, beholden.
leap (noun)
out of bounds (noun)
contain, edge, fringe, restrict, restrain, limit, outline, control, border.
shape (noun)


attached (verb)
Spliced, Adhered, joined, bonded, juxtaposed, attached, wedded, coupled, fastened, Clung, married, Annexed, Hitched, Abutted, stuck, related, merged, affixed, connected.
cohered (verb)
Cohered, stuck together, fused, Conformed, integrated, solidified.
compelled (verb)
driven, forced, obliged.
edge (verb)
contour, fringe, limit, trace, ring, outline, rim, edge, border.
fastened (verb)
Plaited, Bracketed, Stringed, tethered, glued, Lashed, Cemented, braided, Buckled, woven, sewn spliced, laced, pasted, Weaved, linked, Sutured, Welded, knotted, Strapped, Stayed, zipped, Hinged, tied, chained, stitched, clinched.
jump, bounce (verb)
hop, skip, leap, pounce, hurdle, vault, spring.
leap (verb)
hop, jump, leap, vault, spring, pounce, skip, hurdle, capriole.
limit (verb)
end, restrict, restrain, terminate.
limited (verb)
ended, restricted, rimmed, edged, terminated, limited, restrained, bordered.
motion (verb)
jump, leap, spring.
required (verb)
required, mandated, compelled, Stipulated, constrained, obligated.
restrained (verb)
impeded, constrained, controlled, Leashed, Detained, inhibited, Bridled, shackled, Hindered, restrained, tethered, restricted, Collared, constricted, confined.
restrict (verb)
restrain, terminate, encircle, restrict, hem in, limit.
run (verb)
gallop, scramble, jog, plunge, lope, scoot, trot, run, scamper, rush, tear, scurry, sprint, hurry, canter, dart, race, dash.
sewed (verb)
knitted, Crocheted, sewed, quilted, Tacked, Purled, sewn, cross-stitched, buttonholed, backstitched, embroidered, chain-stitched, Basted, seamed.
subordinated (verb)

Other synonyms:

hardbound, stranded, probably, flying tackle, pledged, bookrest, expected, running jump, bounden, marooned, loose-leaf, reliant, bookends. answerable, guaranteed, bookmark, encyclopedic, beholden, probable, likely. possibly. pop up. flip, dive. fly. good. confined
Other relevant words:
committed, encircle, pledged.

Usage examples for bound

  1. With both together, the owner of the fan was bound to be killed or made rich. – The Mandarin's Fan by Fergus Hume
  2. He may have spoken to others besides me, and then it is bound to be known. – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. I was duty bound to obey him, and I thought that I was going to obey. – The Plotters by Alexander Blade