Synonyms for Served:


applied (adjective)
conducted, practiced, practical, utilized, employed, utilitarian, Operated, Exercised, used, Exerted, functioned, applied, useful.
dressed (adjective)
apportioned, furnished, Supplied, Provided, Offered, Dealt, prepared.
given (adjective)
donated, granted, Supplied, rationed, given, Awarded, Submitted, lent, Rendered, sent, Bequeathed, pledged, Disbursed, allotted, Doled, assigned, Lavished, Contributed, Tendered, Offered, bestowed, Consigned, paid, Allowed, endowed, presented, Ascribed, dispensed, Provided, Showered, Attributed, expended, Imparted, shared, furnished, Delivered.


prepared, dished up, apportioned, Dealt.


aided (verb)
attended, fostered, Abetted, Ministered, Helped, assisted, aided, funded, motivated, facilitated, Mothered, sustained, supported, Benefited, Tended, endowed, relieved.
applied (verb)
implemented, effected.
assisted (verb)
backed, favored, Availed, Succored, Upheld.
benefited (verb)
Bettered, Contributed, Furthered, advanced, did good, done good.
gave (verb)
dispensed, given, Supplied, presented, furnished, Attributed, Provided, granted, Lavished, rationed, Awarded, paid, Delivered, allotted, Disbursed, assigned, Gave, Tendered, Rendered, Imparted, bestowed, Showered, lent, shared, donated, pledged, Allowed, devoted, Consigned, Offered, Ascribed, expended, Doled, sent, extended, Bequeathed.
obeyed (verb)
accepted, deferred, Submitted, Conformed, Complied, Obeyed, Acquiesced.
served (verb)
suited (verb)
become, pleased, Fitted, Dovetailed, Became, suited, satisfied.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
apportioned, Dealt, prepared.

Usage examples for Served

  1. The men who had served those guns were ordered below, to take the place of men who never should fire a gun again. – Springhaven A Tale of the Great War by R. D. Blackmore
  2. Graduating from Annapolis in 1858, he served as lieutenant on the Mississippi, when that vessel, as part of Farragut's fleet, ran past the forts below New Orleans. – American Men of Action by Burton E. Stevenson
  3. And as they drove home from the Evanses', Oliver served notice upon him that this event might be expected any day. – The Metropolis by Upton Sinclair