Synonyms for Clothed:


clad (adjective)
attired, draped, covered, cloaked, decked, shod, invested, veiled, costumed, robed, dressed.
clothed (adjective)
attired, worn, clad, robed, costumed, dressed, garbed, wrapped, arrayed.
covered (adjective)


debonair, Corseted, dashing, bespectacled, cross dressing, dapper. thickly, Caked, thinly, crusted, under, underneath, beneath, be tipped with something, encrusted. clad (noun)
shod, invested, veiled.
clothed (noun)
dolled up, cowled, arrayed, black, dressed to the nines, decked out, decked, adorned, dressed, spiffed up, gowned, bundled-up, trousered, covered, dressed-up, appareled, vestmented, surpliced, robed, lobster-backed, white, habited, tuxedoed, costumed, panoplied, garmented, attired, draped, breeched, uniformed, pantalooned, bedecked, turned out, wrapped, caparisoned, cloaked, coated, habilimented, red-coated, petticoated, overdressed, togged up, dressed to kill, garbed, dighted, spruced up, heavy-coated, underdressed, mantled, cassocked, suited, clad, togged.


clothed (verb)
clad, costumed, dressed, accoutered, arrayed, wrapped, outfitted, worn, Wore, attired.
supplied (verb)
reinforced, Boarded, Catered, reloaded, Replenished, donated, Provided, Delivered, Deployed, endowed, sold, dispensed, Contributed, Supplied, granted, fed.

Other synonyms:

bespectacled, debonair, dapper, cross dressing, dashing, Caked, shod, Corseted, crusted, underneath, encrusted. thinly. beneath. thickly. under. Other relevant words:
dighted, cross dressing, arrayed, bespectacled, garmented, dapper, decked out, adorned, draped, suited, heavy-coated, breeched, turned out, cowled, gowned, appareled, white, togged, spruced up, overdressed, Caked, lobster-backed, underdressed, covered, petticoated, habited, bedecked, dolled up, black, vestmented, red-coated, beneath, tuxedoed, Corseted, bundled-up, cloaked, coated, invested, spiffed up, shod, pantalooned, trousered, dressed-up, habilimented, decked, surpliced, mantled, uniformed, panoplied, caparisoned, thickly, cassocked, togged up.

Usage examples for clothed

  1. The eye must be clothed and in its right mind first!" – Home Again by George MacDonald
  2. " Do not think," cried the envious woman, " that you are the only one whose child is to be clothed in gold! – The Blue Moon by Laurence Housman
  3. How is he clothed – An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet by A. Henry Savage Landor