Synonyms for Drawn:


extracted (adjective)
Extracted, Eradicated, Excavated, Amputated, removed, extricated, withdrawn.
tense, fatigued (adjective)
taut, tired, haggard, worn.
washed-out (adjective)


(as) white as a sheet, shrunken, washed-out, pale, better, ashen, green. hollow-eyed, Bidden, Begun, wan, Bestridden, Befallen, bitten, begotten, Been, Arisen, blown. drawn (noun)
delineated, worn, tense, haggard, tired, taut, closed, careworn, represented, raddled, delineate.


attracted (verb)
captivated, magnetized, invited, engrossed, enchanted, Dragged, charmed, allured, pulled, Enticed, Lured, seduced.
brought (verb)
Fetched, Imparted, Borne, Adduced, bore, Transported, conveyed, Carried, drew, Transferred, induced, Attracted, Brought, conducted.
drew (verb)
illustrated, depicted, Rendered, doodled, painted.
extracted (verb)
outlined (verb)
Sketched, Profiled, represented, outlined, circumscribed, contoured, figured, Drafted, formed, silhouetted, framed, planned, traced, delineated.
pulled (verb)
Grabbed, Tugged, Towed, Jerked, Hauled, Yanked.

Other synonyms:

ashen, hollow-eyed. shrunken, wan, pale, washed-out. green. Other relevant words:
careworn, shrunken, delineate, washed-out, taut, tired, tense, hollow-eyed, ashen, closed, raddled, green, wan, worn, pale, haggard.

Usage examples for drawn

  1. She had drawn one leg under her. – The Untilled Field by George Moore
  2. When Jael Dence heard that Grace Carden was in Hillsborough, she felt very much drawn to go and see her: but she knew the meeting must be a sad one to them both; and that made her put it off till the very day before the wedding. – Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade
  3. If it hadn't been for Tommy Fox he would have drawn nearer. – The Tale of Solomon Owl by Arthur Scott Bailey