Synonyms for Enclosed:


bounded (adjective)
enveloped, encircled, fenced.
contained (adjective)
covered (adjective)
encircled (adjective)
enclosed (adjective)
included, Inserted, jailed, shut up, confined, imprisoned, embedded, buried, surrounded, contained, Encompassed.
entrenched (adjective)
framed (adjective)
included (adjective)
Inserted, Comprised, covered, involved.
internal (adjective)
surrounded (adjective)
fenced in.


landlocked, buried, in, surrounding, shut up, hedged in with/by, about, Inserted, in the round, jailed, around, inside. fast, living, inactive, gracious, new age, back-to-nature, austere, bohemian, monastic. on paper, unanswered, textual, returnable, written, in black and white, circular, newsy, valid. enclosed (noun)
engulfed, surrounded, embowered, basined, capsulated, self-enclosed, enveloped, involved, closed, capsulate, embedded, fenced in, confined, fenced, boxed-in, fencelike, enwrapped, swallowed, besieged, penned, closed in, boxed, coarctate, included, encircled, fogbound.


contained (verb)
received, contained, Stowed, included, Accommodated, held, Comprised.
encircled (verb)
Circled, wreathed, Girded.
enclosed (verb)
surrounded, Caged, enveloped, imprisoned, encircled, Impounded, trapped, Encompassed, corralled, Embraced, fenced, confined, covered.

Other synonyms:

newsy, back-to-nature, surrounding, textual, gracious, monastic, landlocked, bohemian, unanswered, inside, Inserted. written, new age, austere, living. in, returnable. inactive, valid. circular. around. about, fast. Other relevant words:
involved, closed, circular, besieged, self-enclosed, fenced in, around, landlocked, new age, enwrapped, about, embowered, fogbound, inactive, coarctate, basined, penned, unanswered, closed in, boxed, boxed-in, newsy, Inserted, fencelike, written, surrounding, monastic, austere, inside, engulfed, swallowed, gracious, fast, bohemian, capsulate, living, valid, back-to-nature, capsulated, textual, in, buried, embedded, jailed, returnable.

Usage examples for enclosed

  1. He broke the seal, and found that it enclosed one hundred and seventy dollars, with these few words from Anna: This is the best I can do for you, dear husband. – Home Scenes, and Home Influence A Series of Tales and Sketches by T. S. Arthur
  2. Is this the same envelope as that in which the document was enclosed – Malcolm Sage, Detective by Herbert George Jenkins
  3. She felt that she could not speak to him enclosed within walls, under a roof. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens