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barred - 302 results
Examples of usage:

Through the barred window, the throbbing throat of the crowd talked to him. - "Life Sentence", James McConnell.

Last night I locked him in a room in the barn where all the lower sashes are barred with iron. - "A Little Florida Lady", Dorothy C. Paine.

As he turned in his endless pacings, down at the farther end of the room, his ears for the instant filled with the clatter of some cart outside the open, barred windows, a figure came swiftly into the room, without the sound of a footstep to warn him. - "Dawn of All", Robert Hugh Benson.

Similar words:

trash barrel, pork barrel, rear of barrel, single-barreled, sonic barrier, sound barrier, thermal barrier, trade barrier, Squirreltail Barley, Sir James Matthew barrie.

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