Synonyms for Disabled:


all (adjective)
bedridden (adjective)
diseased (adjective)
cursed, infected, ailing, sickly, nauseous, affected, ill, sick, decrepit, handicapped, pestilent, unhealthy, indisposed, Inflicted, diseased, infirm.
helpless (adjective)
impotent (adjective)
impotent, inadequate, powerless, weak, feeble, incompetent, incapable.
incapacitated (adjective)
hurt, Stalled, paralyzed, maimed, powerless, wrecked, infirm, Hamstrung, broken-down, worn-out, wounded, handicapped, lame, weakened, incapable, decrepit, Disarmed.
injured (adjective)
weakened, maimed.


accessible, dumb, disability, handicap, disablement, ataxia, Developmental Disability, the blind. disabled (noun)
hors de combat, out of action, injured, handicapped, unfit, incapacitated.
group (noun)
handicapped (noun)
hurt, Hobbling, maimed, confined to a nursing home, done for, worn-out, brain damaged, halting, mutilated, wrecked, silenced, laid up, palsied, banged up, useless, Physically Challenged, senile, wounded, cracked up, run down, mangled, castrated, quadriplegic, lame, bedridden, Stalled, etc impotent, confined to a hospital, broken-down, paraplegic, limping, counted out, superannuated, done in.


disabled (verb)
deadened, stunned, benumbed, Sapped, dulled, incapacitated, Scotched, impaired, neutralized, handicapped, vitiated, Prostrated, stupefied, undermined, botched, Hobbled, Tampered, paralyzed, anesthetized, cramped, Hamstrung, Hampered, invalidated, weakened, crippled, enfeebled, Hindered, Lamed, Disarmed, screwed up, Abrogated.
injured (verb)
weakened (verb)

Other synonyms:

disability, disablement, dumb, ataxia, lame, paraplegic, quadriplegic, handicap, Developmental Disability, Physically Challenged. accessible. emasculated
Other relevant words:
disablement, maimed, ataxia, useless, dumb, hurt, worn-out, hors de combat, lame, handicap, mutilated, wrecked, mangled, Stalled, bedridden, superannuated, wounded, limping, accessible, castrated, senile, quadriplegic, injured, out of action, disability, halting, silenced, unfit, paraplegic, Hobbling, palsied.

Usage examples for disabled

  1. Our agreement gave capital to labor for less than half of the world's present interest, and gave to labor its full reward, according to merit, that is, skill, strength, and time; establishing 'Do as you would be done by' first; and attending to the questions of brotherhood afterward, such as home for life, respect, comfort, and all needful or desirable things to the old, the infant, the disabled etc. – History of American Socialisms by John Humphrey Noyes
  2. They had not been able to remove him to the vault, of course, but had built a wall of stones and turf to protect him from the weather; and while the other lads slept quietly enough in the wreckers' den, these two kept guard over their disabled comrade on the exposed ground. – Viking Boys by Jessie Margaret Edmondston Saxby
  3. But my aunt was not to be disabled by this,- not she. – Richard Carvel, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009