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annoy - 169 results
irritate (verb)

hassle, fret, pique, irritate, irk, vex, acerbate, tease, bother.

Examples of usage:

Glendinning had been represented to my eager inquiries as immeasurably wealthy; and the sums which he had as yet lost, although in themselves vast, could not, I supposed, very seriously annoy, much less so violently affect him. - "Selections From Poe", J. Montgomery Gambrill.

I did not intend to annoy you. - "The Puppet Crown", Harold MacGrath.

But to her the man had spoken out; and though he was far away from her, living close to the fair cousin, she would not allow a thought of trouble on that score to annoy her. - "The Eustace Diamonds", Anthony Trollope.

Similar words:

annwn, annoyed, per annum, Mercurialis Annua, Lonas Annua, Lunaria Annua, Martynia Annua, Adonis Annua, Genus Annona.

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