Synonyms for Gash:


injure, take its toll, harm. act (noun)
artifact (noun)
blemish (noun)
discoloration, imperfection, distortion, scab, stigma, eyesore, abrasion, rift, disfigurement, blotch, impurity, brand, sore, lesion, drawback, spoilage, weal, wart, deformity, defacement, fault.
cut made by slicing (noun)
mark, slash, notch, cleft, slit, wound, incision, split.
gash (noun)
slash, slice, cut.
notch (noun)
cut, serration, indentation, incision, gap, cleft, chink, crevice, split, indent, jog.
slash (noun)
state (noun)
slash, slice, cut.


blemish (verb)
freckle, scar, blister, mark, flaw, splotch, fleck, distort, notch, score, scrape, hack, deface, scuff, slit, check, blemish, discolor, hurt, scratch, chip, stain, kink, mar, abrade, deform, nick, speck, defect, tarnish, blot, damage, taint, spot, dot, disfigure, spoil, fracture, pockmark.
contact (verb)
cut by slicing (verb)
incise, cleave, injure, pierce.
notch (verb)
incise, serrate, cleave.

Other synonyms:

pierce, wound. Other relevant words:
channel, aperture, cranny, wound, harm, pierce, injure, cavity, slash, slice, abyss, chink.

Usage examples for gash

  1. That the action had discovered the gash to be wider than he thought, he saw in the countenance of his wife! – The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
  2. In its escape from the mountains the river at this point cuts a deep gash through a rock barrier and from this striking formation, known as the canyon of the Falling Wall, the river takes its name. – Laramie Holds the Range by Frank H. Spearman
  3. Not the least remarkable thing in connection with the stupendous convulsion was the fact that a large creek was flowing directly down the great gash torn out by the slide and emptying right into the rapid which was left when the dam had been washed away. – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman