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swerve - 94 results
move (verb)

study at deviate, deviate, turn aside, turn.

curve (verb)

crook, arch, round, bow, hang, camber, sweep, sag, hook, curve, bend.

Examples of usage:

The bullet went where the rider should have been, but it missed by the swerve which he had caused the pony to make. - "The Adventures of Buffalo Bill", Col. William F. Cody.

It is as though she had taken measurements; and the edge of her weapon does not swerve by a hair's breadth. - "The Eight Strokes of the Clock", Maurice Le Blanc.

At the same instant Mvita made a quick swerve. - "The Blind Lion of the Congo", Elliott Whitney.

Similar words:

swerves, Swerved, swede.

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